Tell it Tuesday: We the People…a rant-like post

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Tell it Tuesday

Some humans hate other humans. Some humans hate animals. Some black people hate black people. Some brown people hate brown people. Some people plan to vote for Drumpf. They’re stupid but think they’re smart. We’ll agree to…call you stupid. Some queer people hate black and brown people. Some queer people hate other queer people who doesn’t queer it up just like them. Some brown people hate queer people. The kicker? 

All people claim to be lovers of justice, and peace. How is this even possible?

Some white people are wonderful people. Some white people are racist assholes. In case youre tempted, brown people can’t be racist. They can, however, be prejudiced and in general, an asshole. Color does not dictate assholism.

I’m typing amen in case I am gifted a monetary windfall. Not mocking religion, just hopin’ for something cause these scratch offs ain’t win me more than $20 yet. Some of my dreams were deferred but my school loans weren’t. Some days I’m a “Tell it Like it is” asshole. Today’s that day. 

  1. Ha, thanks leslie Peace jubilee! 😊

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