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Posted: February 29, 2016 in Awake, Poetry by Natasha Ramsey
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“I looked for you
The way a grain of sand looks to the ocean.
Not to be engulfed by,
nor swallowed up,
but to belong
to the greatest power there is,
this thing called love.”

2016 Natasha Ramsey
All Rights Reserved


Beach photo. Credit: Natasha Ramsey 2015


Superhero © (draft)

Being myself makes people nervous, apparently.

Concerned about health, well-being,

and the general direction of society.

While I appreciate some thoughts I discard others,

Can’t get caught up in what or who scares you because

Monsters that live in your closet once lived under my bed too.

If you don’t accept it, let’s dissect it,

What are monsters anyway?

They reflect fears, really aren’t as bad as you think,

So when you feel all hell is breaking loose

Look me up, I’ll be coming to the rescue.

Reminding the only thing to fear is fear itself

That we create.

We control thoughts, desires, direction,

Every aspect of our being.

So don’t sell yourself short or underestimate your creator.

We were made to rule our world with our power.


© Natasha Ramsey. All Rights Reserved


Thank you to everyone who support my writing! One of my poems which was written during the Baltimore “riots” has been accepted and published in Wordpeace, a literary journal to promote peace and justice! Check out “Brown Boy Infamy” here!

Natasha Hungover Poet on mic

I can’t be all things to everyone
Not even to self.
Despair entrenched in bone, in skin,
Fear and self deprecation become kin.
You are the beginning of my ending.

Copyrighted 2015
All Rights Reserved


Be thankful.
For rain, snow, ice pellets (ice pellets?), and yes, even the warm, welcoming sunshine.
Without cold, wet elements we’d have forest fires, parched lands, droughts covering every productive farm
Leaving Mother earth desperate and barren.

If you believe beautiful weather is only sunny and warm
Don’t criticize those sloshing around,
Everything, including seasons turn.
Southern fruit can become bitter.
A forest fire can wipe out an existence.
Inhabitable lands shrink.
Appreciate all of nature
Not only when convenient.
Happiness is not recognized without suffering.

Copyright 2015. Natasha Ramsey

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Questions I’ve asked myself today as I scratched the crudely formed words on my phone’s screen with my camera’s drawing tool:

Are my dreams dying a little, day by day, in my workplace? If so, what am I doing to stop that from happening? Or am I allowing this to happen?

Does my workplace fuel my creativity and energy to be the true me? If not, did it ever? Am I lying to myself because I’ve gotten used to the paycheck?

Even if my workplace doesn’t actively foster my creativity and feed my soul with dark chocolate, caramel and grand marnier flavored nuggets of joy, does it at least let me go after the workday is over, to chase my creative goals? If not, am I using my paychecky laced lifestyle to crush my own damn dreams? Hell, do I still have a dream…?

Do you? How do you nurture and encourage your dream(s) to continue growing when you too, are used to the paychecky comfort that comes from a corporate dreamkiller?