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The Aces“High society and your girlfriend,” Rachel said.

The door opened wide and the group walked into the apartment. The door automatically closed behind them. Rachel’s daughter ran over to the man sitting in a wheelchair. There were two other men sitting on the couch watching TV. Gigi walked over to Philip and threatened him by saying, “Don’t say a word.”

Gigi walked over to the man sitting in the wheelchair and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The man’s face turned red and he smiled. Gigi hugged and kissed both of the men sitting on the couch. She told the actors to sit down and relax. Carey and Peter looked at each in amazement of how Gigi treated the men in the room. After talking with them for a while, they left the apartment and Rachel’s daughter.

In the parking lot Carey asked Gigi, “Who were those men?”

“People,” Gigi said.

“You know what I mean.”

“They’re rich college kids who live in this apartment complex.”

“They live in that room together?” Carey asked.

“No, they live in their own apartment. The dude who hugged Rachel is the caretaker.”

“They’re poor, sick people. I was afraid to touch them,” Philip said.

“I’m afraid to touch you. They’re worth more than you anyway. The guy in the wheelchair named Fred is worth sixty million dollars. The guy who had the smart mouth, his name is Terry. He’s worth forty million. The guy who was drooling, his name is Paul; he’s the poor guy in the group, he’s only worth ten mil. They suffer from autism.”

“Philip, if you wanted to be big, you should have spoken with Terry. His father is an executive producer for Paramount.”

Philip said, “I think his father is cursed to have a son like that.”

“You’re so stupid,” Gigi said, disgusted with him.

Carey knew Gigi and Rachel wanted to wrap their hands around Philip’s throat. Carey asked Gigi to open the truck doors and he told Philip to get inside.

“Rachel, calm down, you know he’s stupid. Look at the source,” Peter said.

Rachel thought about the situation for a moment and then agreed with Peter. Carey took Gigi to the side and asked, “You hang out with them?”

“Yes, all the time. I have to see my boyfriend. Those guys are my friends, plus Terry is a party animal. He’s my club partner.”

“What do you see in them?”

“Not their money, but human beings. I enjoy being around them. We talk, we hang out, and we play games. I don’t see the outside appearance, but their heart. Fred is a guy that likes to sit down a lot, Terry shakes when he enjoys our discussions, watching television or walking. Paul likes to eat wonderful tasty foods. Their outward appearances don’t mean a thing; it’s what’s in their hearts. I wish some of the co-stars had a heart.”

“What do you mean?”

“The disability and homeless banquet, it was a shame. Terry didn’t know anything about it. Maybe some of the money went to the disability foundations, but basically it was a show for you guys.”

“You think you know it all, but you don’t,” Carey said.

“I don’t want to know it all, if I did I would probably vomit,” Gigi said and walked to the truck.

Gigi sat in the driver’s seat and said, “Philip, if you say a word, I will hit you.”

“First I need to know where I can find an ATM,” Philip said, ignoring the comment.

“There will be one near the club,” Gigi said.

Carey and Peter climbed into the truck and they all followed Rachel to the club. They arrived in Scottsdale at the famous Club D where the sports, musicians, actors, and other celebrities enjoyed their real lives in the darkness of the media spotlight. At this club the house rules are: minding your own business because the rich and famous go there to have fun.

“Philip, there’s an ATM next to the camera shop across the street,” Gigi told Philip in the parking lot.

The group walked across the street to keep an eye on Philip. Philip hadn’t been acting his crazy unusual self. He was acting slightly normal. Since there was a camera store, Gigi felt the urge to buy a digital camera. She rarely took pictures, but she wanted to remember these moments. This particular moment that she was in the spotlight and surrounded by A-list actors; her dream come true. She didn’t feel that she had been on the elite celebrity list yet, but being around the people on the list gave her more of a motive to quit her job and become a writer full-time. She saw the glamour they portrayed and when she became an A-list celebrity she could stop the act and people would take her seriously.

Gigi walked into the camera shop with Rachel and the two actors while Philip was at the ATM. Gigi looked at the different cameras on display and chose the one that cost $200. Gigi was willing to spend the money because she hardly spent any money on herself. She had a fear of spending it. This fear started when Gigi was younger. For some unknown reason, she had it in her mind that her family would spend all the cash her parents made. Gigi never lived in a poor household and she got anything she wanted. The summer vacations were to exotic places in the world, her parents drove their own cars, and they got a new car every two years. Gigi’s mother brought a new fur coat once a year and she was a regular at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neman Markus, and other upscale clothing stores. The employees at the stores knew her mother on a first name basis. When Gigi and her brother were younger, their mother would drag them to all the stores. The sales associates became their babysitters for the hours they were trapped there. Gigi’s habit of not spending money left her parents puzzled and confused, but when she grew up they learned to accept her habit. The habit got worse when Shawn came into her life. He would spend money like he could photocopy it every day, but he was always broke. Gigi couldn’t believe that a man who made $80,000 a year was broke all the time, until he was diagnosed with his mental condition. Today, she wanted to have fun and was willing to spend any amount of money; she hoped this moment would last forever.

While Gigi was buying the camera, Carey saw Gigi in a different light than before. She had a warm heart that felt pain, love, and sorrow, instead of a heart of stone and ice. Gigi bought the camera, took pictures of the group, and everyone signed autographs for the store owner and his employees. They then met Philip outside the store.

The club scene was crazy with people dancing half-naked and go-go dancers dancing in cages and on the bar. There was also a private sitting area on the second floor where Peter and Philip sat, as Rachel, Gigi, and Carey started dancing on the floor.

“Philip, go on the dance floor,” Peter said.

“I don’t know how to dance,” Philip confessed.

“Shake your body. No one here is going to laugh at you,” Peter said to Philip.

“Okay. I’ll join Carey.”

Peter caught a woman staring at him. She was thin and tan, with long, black, straight hair. She was wearing a two-piece outfit revealing her cleavage, stomach, and thighs.

“Hello, is this seat taken?” the woman asked, coming over to the table.

“No,” Peter replied.

“My name is Armani. I know you’re Peter Right. Where’s your wife?”

“At home, thank you.”


“Yes,” Peter said.

“So, you came to America without your wife to have some good American fun?” Armani asked.

Armani slipped off her three-inch heels and rubbed his groin with her foot. At first, he was enjoying the action, but realized this woman wasn’t his wife.

“Stop it. I love my wife,” Peter said and grabbed her foot and threw it down.

“Listen, I love my husband too, but I love the fun. We can have fun together.”

The invitation was very tempting, but he jumped up and ran to the bar area. He saw the scene in his mind over and over again. He reminded himself that he was a changed man. He knew the woman thought he was the old Peter Right, but he wasn’t. Before he even thought about trouble or the trouble around him, he thought about his family. With this thinking process, he was able to get out of any situation that would make him become the old Peter Right again. He sat at the bar.

“What’s your poison?” Gigi asked Peter at the bar.

“You’re serving tonight?” Peter asked.

“The manager of the club is short-handed and he asked me to fill in. Rachel, Philip, and Carey are on the dance floor.”

“Rum and Coke, make it a double,” Peter said. Gigi made the drink and handed it to Peter.

“How much?” Peter asked.

“It’s on me. You need it. I saw the woman approach you,” Gigi said.

“What did you see?” Peter asked.


“You’re not going to tell anyone, right?” Peter asked, embarrassed.

“What is there to say? Nothing happened. You ran away like a good husband.”

“It’s amazing that a person like a gossip reporter would take the wrong point of view,” Peter said.

“I know, but I didn’t see anything.”

Peter drank from the glass and pondered what she said.  He saw a different side of her altogether. She was human, not as cutthroat, evil or cunning as she made herself out to be.

“Are you going to dance?” Philip asked Peter, as he walked over to him.

“In a minute.”

Peter looked around the club and remembered the time when he was a popular young actor. He would go to clubs, parties, drink, smoke, and sniff cocaine. Whenever he would snort the white stuff, he had to laugh because on his television series at the time, he was the one who stopped drugs from coming into the school. The drugs and the alcohol was a wonderful mix, which he called Club Mix. He would party long and hard at night, and in the late morning or afternoon, he felt the affects of the Club Mix. Sometimes he would wake up in strange places, like jail or on the street. Sometimes the movie company had to stop production for him, which cost them large sums of money. Some companies would refuse to cast him at all. As he heard about his business on the news, he would stay in bed in his depressed state. During the extreme depressed states he would always be sporting a new tattoo somewhere on his arms or legs.

Thinking back in the past and now, he was grateful about his family and how they changed him for the better. He looked down at the drink and knew that he could trust the woman who gave it to him.

He looked at Rachel and Carey dancing together and wished he had Carey’s youth and vigor. He wasted it on drugs and alcohol and acted like a fool for the press.

Gigi gazed at the dance floor and saw the group dancing. She then saw Peter dancing with other women in a sexual way. He was acting drunk, but she only gave him one mild drink. Gigi was pretty much done at the bar so she went over to the group and started dancing.

“It’s getting late and I’m tired. I see that Peter needs some sleep,” Gigi said to Rachel.

“Okay,” Rachel said and looked at her watch. “You’re right, it’s twelve midnight. I have to work today.”

“You open your shop on Sundays?” Gigi asked.

“On special occasions. One of my clients is getting married later on today. I better go,” Rachel said. “By the way, did you take your pills yet?”

“Not yet. They’re in the truck. I’m going to take them now and drive straight to my parents’ house.”

“Okay. I’m just looking out for my girl,” Rachel said.

“I know it,” Gigi said and hugged her.

Rachel left the club and then Gigi told the group that it was time to leave. Carey saw Peter stumbling when he walked, so he acted like a cane for Peter and helped him. They walked outside and Gigi told them that she was going to get the truck and drive it to the front door. While driving, she found her pills and took them without water.

When they got to her parents’ house, Gigi parked the truck inside the driveway. She and the actors got out of the truck and walked over to the guesthouse.

“Philip, you can stay here. I’ll keep the main house front door open for you.”

Philip grabbed his bag of clothes and kissed Gigi on the cheek. Gigi grabbed her bag, Carey, and Peter’s while Carey carried Peter to the front door. Gigi helped Carey with Peter and took him to her mother’s guest room. They laid his body on the bed and covered him up with a blanket.

“How many drinks did he have?” Carey asked.

“I gave him one, but I don’t know how many he had before,” Gigi said. “Follow me.”

Gigi and Carey walked to a door and she opened it.  Inside there was a Spiderman nightlight shining and a little boy sound asleep in his bed.

“I have to move him to my room,” Gigi said.

“Who is he?” Carey asked.

“My little, little brother,” Gigi said.

Gigi picked up the little boy and carried him to her room. Coming back to the room, she said to Carey, “You can sleep here.”

“That’s your brother? How old is he?” Carey asked, lying on the bed, waving Gigi over.

“He’s five. My mom had him in her early fifties.”

“But he’s your little, little brother. I don’t understand.”

“I have a brother who’s twenty-three.”

“Oh, now it makes sense.”

“Are you cozy under the covers?” Gigi asked.

“Yes, thanks. Where do your parents sleep?”

“In the other wing. This wing is for my brother and guests,” Gigi said.

Carey looked deep in her eyes and he could see her true soul. She was portraying a lie just like he was, but he wanted to know why. She was a female version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Why the secret life?

“Tell me, at the pub where I met you, was that really you?” Carey asked.

“No. It was the writer.”

“When I was trying to learn your accent, was that you?”

“A little,” Gigi said.

“At the audition?”

“The writer,” Gigi replied.


“The writer.”


“Me,” Gigi said and smiled.

“Why? You are a writer. Writers are never in the open.”

“You mean never seen. Writers should get more respect from the media. People always think that we’re nerds sitting at our computers typing away our deep dark fantasies. The media pictures us like that, as people with tortured minds and we have to make up people in our minds, so we can have our own little social life in the brain.  The bottom-line is that people think we’re crazy. With horror writers, people think we’re part of a cult, we sleep in a coffin, we think we’re vampires, and sleep with the dead. Without writers, actors wouldn’t know how to act. We’re the people who create the characters and their personalities and accents. You give the character a body to work with. I believe we’re the real celebrities,” Gigi said.

“Why the acting?”

“I gave my so-called character a body to work with, and this happened by accident. It started with my first full-length young adult novel. The heroine in the novel was a rebel and ghost chaser. A lot of young girls fell in love with her because she doesn’t wear the latest fashions, has piercings, and two tattoos. Well, one day, I forgot that I had a book signing and the publicist reminded me at the last minute when I was in school. I left the class and went straight to the book signing. People were in shock that the author wore a tank top that revealed her pierced belly button, wore baggy blue jeans with holes, had six piercings in her ears, and sported a tattoo around her arm. It was a fake one, but still.”

“So, what’s wrong with that?”

“There’s an unwritten code in the writing field.  Basically, I wasn’t dressed appropriately. In the bookstore, where I was signing my book, there was an author; she pulled me to the side to talk about how I was dressed. I told her off and continued signing my books.  Think about it, it’s my first book signing and I forget about it. Now you’re going to talk to me about how I’m dressed? After the little incident my fan base grew. That’s when I was first labeled as a bad ass.”

“What? That’s crazy,” Carey exclaimed.

“It’s the truth.”

“How do you come up with your stories?”

“As I told Nick, my dreams. Everyone has dreams, I just write about them. Sometimes I don’t write about my dreams, instead I write about people in my visions. But if you must put a label on it, I write horror, sci-fi, and mystery,” Gigi said.

“I must read one of your books.”

“You want to hear a story?”

“Yes,” Carey said with excitement.

“Lepta felt sad and lost in a big house made out of love and hard work. She goes into her husband’s study and sits in his chair made of fabric and wood, it was his favorite chair. Six months later from his death, she can still smell the cigar smoke from the fabric. A tear runs down her face and she wishes she could see him again. Every day from the time she buried him until now, she has practiced the same routine. Today was different. She felt different in the chair. She looked at his picture and the picture floated on her lap. She saw smoke in mid-air and it smelled like a cigar. She knew it was him, the love of her life. I want to join you, she says. The sweet little old woman closes her eyes and expires with a smile.”

“That came from one of your books?” Carey asked.

“I just made it up on the spot. You wanted to hear a story. I just gave you an example of what I write about.  About people, the drive in us, and human nature mixed with horror.”

“I must read one of your books,” Carey said.

“Thanks. I’m happy to get paid,” Gigi said.

“I better go. See ya in the morning,” Gigi said and walked out the door. She smiled at herself and strolled to her room where her brother was sleeping.

Carey thought back to the conversation he had with her. It was strange, so strange. They were the same, but different. They were both playing an act in the spotlight.

End of chapter 7


About Aliya Leigh

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner. Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me –Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

The AcesIn twenty-five minutes, Gigi passed into the MaricopaCounty. Chandler looked like New York City compared to Tucson. Chandler had lights, four-lane highways, and the music on the radio was more up-to-date. When Gigi entered the city, she felt alive and wished she never moved to the boring city of Tucson, where people believed they were still living in the 1800s when the cowboys and Indians were in fashion. She drove to Rachel’s townhouse and parked next to her car.

“We’re here. See, we made it in forty-five minutes,” Gigi said.

Carey smiled, Philip walked out of the truck like a zombie, and Peter threw up outside.

“That’s driving. Sometimes when I drive in Germany, I pick up the speed. You’re a good driver,” Carey said.

“Thanks,” Gigi said with a smile. One of her dreams was to drag race trucks, SUVs, and cars.

Gigi looked over at Peter and asked, “Are you okay?”

“When I’m in the car with you, please don’t drive like that. You’re a maniac.”

“Okay, old man,” Gigi teased.

Gigi saw how Peter was looking at her and she knew he meant business, but Gigi had to laugh at him. When he first arrived on the media scene he was the wild boy, playboy, the freak in the spotlight, now since he was adding meaning to his life, he was calm and didn’t take chances anymore.

Gigi walked to Rachel’s house and they followed her.  She opened the door as if she owned the place and Rachel’s daughter was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Hi, sweet pea,” Gigi said to the girl.

“Auntie!” the girl shouted. The girl ran toward Gigi and Gigi picked her up.

“Rachel, Peter needs to borrow your bathroom.”

“Fine,” Rachel yelled from the back of the house.

“Peter, the bathroom is down the hall on your right,” Gigi directed. “Carey and Philip, you can sit on the couch.”

Carey inspected Rachel’s house and noticed that it wasn’t the cleanest. There were stains on the carpet, food and crumbs on the throw blanket, and food stuck to the glass coffee table. Carey signaled Gigi to come closer to him and asked, “How many children does Rachel have?”


Carey’s mouth opened wide and Philip just laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” Rachel asked, coming into the room.

“You have five dang kids?” Philip asked.

“Shut up about my children, at least I know their fathers and they don’t have your disease,” Rachel said to Philip.

Philip looked at her without emotion. He sat back on the couch like a lump of coal.

Gigi laughed while holding the youngest of Rachel’s children in her arms. While she played peek-a-boo with the girl, Carey saw a different side of Gigi altogether.

Peter walked out of the bathroom and saw Gigi holding the girl. The scene reminded him of his wife and kids. He sat between the two actors.

“You want to hold her?” Gigi asked Peter.


Gigi handed over the girl to Peter and she sat on Peter’s lap.

“You boat guy,” the three year old said to him.


Carey and Peter talked to the little girl while Philip watched a movie. He realized that he was watching a movie that he starred in.

“See guys, I can act,” Philip said to everyone in the room.

They stared at the television for a moment and then started to talk with the girl again, ignoring Philip.

Gigi went toward the back of the house where the kitchen was located. “Girl, what’s up?” Gigi asked.

“You tell me. Boyfriend is with you,” Rachel said, while Gigi sat on the stool at the table. “So, do you like him?” Rachel asked.


“Yes, you do. You hesitated. You do,” Rachel insisted.

“He lives in England.”

“So, he can move to Arizona. My kids can call him Uncle Carey. You two can baby-sit my demon kids. Uncle Carey, I like the ring to that,” Rachel teased.

“Shut up. You know who I’m in love with,” Gigi said.

“He’s not going to come around. You can wish all you want. He likes you, but he’s not man enough.”

“Like your last baby’s daddy?” Gigi questioned.

“Girl, I told you that was a mistake, but I got a good-looking child out of it. Maybe Uncle Carey can put his new nieces and nephews in movies.”

“Carey doesn’t like me, okay?” Gigi said, becoming irritated with her friend. She had been doing this since the banquet. Now, since Carey was in her living room, she had to go beyond the call of duty.

“Yes, he does. Think about it, after you insulted him, he still came running after you. He has fame, money, and I think he’s the type of man who will treat you right. I’m going to tell you damn straight and I mean what I say, you don’t deserve to have another Shawn in your life. You deserve better.”

“You’re right, but I’m scared to enter into another relationship. I’m afraid it will end up the same way it did with Shawn,” Gigi confessed.

“Baby, just fall in. Fall in.”

Gigi knew she was right. Shawn was a piece of work that she dealt with for six years. During the six years, she was in mental pain, cried a lot, wanted to die, and was a miserable person to herself. She thought that if she was still in the relationship, things would change, but as the saying goes, a woman can’t change a man.

The two girls walked into the living room. “Mommy, I’m playing with the boat guys,” the little girl said.

“I see you,” Rachel said sweetly.

“See, I’m in the movie,” Philip said to Rachel while pointing to the TV.

Rachel looked at him and remembered that he wasn’t all there in the brain. “Yes, Philip. You are in the movie. Good boy.”

Philip’s famous smile appeared on his face and he wanted everyone in the room to look at him on the TV set.

“Philip, we need to go,” Gigi said.

“No, I want to watch myself,” Philip said, sulking. “Who’s going to take care of the girl?” Peter asked.

“I’m going to take her to the babysitter’s. His house is on the way.”

“Rachel, he’s not coming?” Gigi asked, like there was no one in the room.

“No, he has to work,” Rachel said with a smile.

“You’re telling me he trusts you to go to a club with me and some actors? Are you telling me that?”

“Yes, I am. Now let’s go. Get to steppin’,” Rachel told everyone.

“Gigi, please don’t speed,” Peter pleaded.

“Yes, Dad.”

The group walked out into the parking lot where the cars were parked.

“Rachel, watch where you step. Peter threw up near your car,” Gigi warned.

“He couldn’t handle it in his old age,” Rachel said.

“Stop it you two,” Peter yelled.

Peter, Carey, and Philip got into the truck and Rachel and her daughter got into her car. Rachel drove off and Gigi followed her.

“She has five kids and she looks like that?” Carey asked.

“She’s a cool mother. Her kids respect her because she tells them her mistakes that she made in life. When I first met her, she told me that she had kids; I didn’t believe her. She looks young and she’s still thin,” Gigi said.

“She’s a black mommy.  Juicy black mommy,” Philip said.

Gigi looked at him in her rear view mirror. He smiled back and blew her a kiss.

Gigi continued to follow Rachel to a section of Tempe. They drove into a parking lot.

“Who lives here?” Carey asked.

“My boyfriend,” Gigi said.

“I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend?” Carey asked.

“You’ll see.”

Gigi and the actors followed Rachel and her daughter into the elevator onto the third floor. They walked down an outside hallway overlooking the parking lot. Rachel rang the doorbell and waited. The door cracked and she said, “We have company.”

“Who?” the person at the door asked.

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About Aliya Leigh

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner. Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me –Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.


The Aces“It’s Peter.”

Carey sighed with relief because he did not want Philip barging into his trailer. He did not have time to deal with him. He let Peter in. “Lock the door behind you,” Carey said while lying down on his living room floor.

“Your back again?” Peter questioned.

“I thought you were Philip when you knocked. I jumped up from the bed too fast.”

“I’m sorry. I should have told you who I was before I knocked.”

“That’s fine. I just need a few minutes on the floor,” Carey said.

As soon as Peter turned the lock he said, “The girl named Sub-Zero is on her way. She’s willing to drive us to Phoenix. She says that we can stay at her parents’ house overnight. Mike says we’re in good hands. Do you have some of your clothes here?”

“Yes, in the bedroom.”

Peter sat down so they could talk. “Peter, I can’t stop thinking about her. I think she’s acting.”

“What? We thought Philip was acting; look at him. He’s retarded. I heard rumors about her. She loves to irritate people for fun; it’s like her high, her drug. Look at how she treated you and Shawn. I mean, she went below the belt with Shawn; I even felt the pain. Why do you want a woman who will torment you? Are you into that?” Peter asked.

“No. The way she danced though, I could see her true self. Something she does not want the world to see. I can understand how she feels. I think she wants people to think she is rude, but that is not her.”

“Listen, I will help you find Gigi after the trip to Phoenix. Maybe Sub-Zero knows her since Gigi is also a screenwriter. They probably travel in the same circles.”

“I hope so.”

Philip was bored out of his mind. In his trailer, he had a television, stereo, and computer that he didn’t know how to turn on, and several board games. He just didn’t want to be in the trailer. Carey and Peter had their door locked; the crew didn’t want to talk to him; Mike was with his assistant; and Larry was working on the movie script. Philip skipped over to Mike to see if he would play with him. He figured since he invested money in the film, Mike would do anything for him.

“Mike, Mike. How are you? I’m fine. How’s the movie?  Working hard? I bet you’re taking a break,” Philip said in one breath.

Mike was trying to ignore him by writing on his pad, but Philip stood in front of him like a statue. This standoff lasted for one minute before Mike couldn’t take anymore. He felt like sending Philip to his parents, maybe they would be happy to finally have the son they always wanted.

“Hi Philip. Why don’t you sit down and cool yourself off before Sub-Zero gets here.”

“Okay. I will do it for you,” Philip said to Mike and walked over to Carey’s trailer.

“I shouldn’t have taken his money to make the film,” Mike said to Larry and continued to write on his pad.

Carey and Peter walked out of the trailer together and Philip looked at them.

This can’t be right. Peter is trying to have a relationship with him while I should be at his side. He’s cute. What should I do? Philip asked himself.

Philip stared at the ground and then jumped up off the ground and danced a little. He took out his cell phone from his jeans pocket and unfolded it.

“Arthur, hello?”

“Hi, my name is Philip Morey. Are you good with helping actors?”

“Philip Morey, how can I help you?” Arthur asked.

“You know public relations?”

“Yes, for a price,” Arthur said.

“Good. How much?”

“What do you have?”

“I can give you thirty thou,” Philip said.


“I can transfer the money into your account with the ATM.”

“Fine,” Arthur says.

“What’s the scoop on Carey?”

“He loves men,” Arthur blurted.

“I knew he was gay. He’s European. I don’t know why he says he was raised in England. Maybe he’s embarrassed. See, gay is in. I want to be Philip the Great. You can help me,” Philip said.

“Yes,” Arthur agreed.

“Good. I will wire the money to you tonight. We’ll be good friends.”

Philip folded up his phone and smiled. He looked up in the sky and saw the sun smiling at him. He skipped over to Peter and Carey.

“I’m going to be great!” Philip announced, as he did a little dance.

Peter rolled his eyes. “Okay, but bring some clothes. We’re going to stay at Sub-Zero’s parents’ house tonight.”

Philip jumped and clapped his hands. He disappeared inside his trailer. Peter wanted him to disappear forever.

“What is he on?” Peter asked Carey.

Carey shrugged because he could not figure out Philip for the life of him. His acting on set was excellent. How he portrayed a character was amazing. But in real life, Philip was an idiot.

“I wish he gets sick before Sub-Zero gets here,” Carey said.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Peter said.

Philip ran out of his trailer and toward the two men and said, “Where’s the driver? I bet we can walk to Phoenix.”

“No. Phoenix is a hundred miles away from here. If you want to that’s fine with me,” Peter said.

Peter laughed because it reminded him of dealing with Mackay. Mackay would say or do outrageous things to get a rise out of him. Peter didn’t know if Philip was acting as if he was stupid or not, but Philip just reminded him of home and how he missed his family.

“Philip, please sit down. We cannot walk to Phoenix. It takes an hour to drive there, okay?”

“Okay, Mr. Peter,” Philip said with a deep voice.

Philip walked over to his seat, which was far away from the two actors. He sulked in his chair like a child whose parents told him that he couldn’t play outside with his friends.

“He acts worse than my kids,” Peter said.

“Please, don’t insult the kids,” Carey said.

In the distance, they saw a white Ford Explorer park near the set. Mike walked over to the truck and yelled, “She’s here.”

A black girl in hospital scrubs without any shoes on jumped out of the driver’s side of the truck. She ran over to Mike and gave him a big hug. They walk toward the actors with their arms around each other.

“Guys, this is Sub-Zero,” Mike said.

Carey dropped his bag to the ground and looked at Sub-Zero in shock. Peter moved over to Carey and said, “Man, you need to close your mouth.”

Carey nodded and tried his best to bring himself together with his emotions. Philip got up and walked over to Sub-Zero and said, “Okay, driver. You’re late. Now get into the car and drive us to Phoenix.”

“God, please strike me dead. God, please. Have mercy on my soul,” Sub-Zero said.

“Gigi Meekins, you need to respect him,” Mike said.

“But…” Gigi started.

“But nothing. Respect,” Mike said again.

Gigi bowed her head and took a deep breath. She was happy that Carey was there and how he reacted when she appeared. She knew Carey would warm up to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, although she was in love with Adam. She had dreams about Carey and how he had the ability to treat her like a princess; something she longed for in her life. She couldn’t help but smile in Carey’s direction; she knew Carey saw it. For the first time in a long time, Gigi was nervous around a man. On a daily basis, she was always around men, including her closest friends, but Carey seemed different. Carey captured her heart. She had heard and read rumors about him, but knew she had a chance to get to know the true Carey.

“Let’s go,” Peter said, as he watched the both of them grinning stupidly at each other.

“I have to take them to Phoenix?” Gigi asked Mike after she got her mind clear of Carey.

“Yes. Dude, take good care of them, as I know you will,” Mike said.

“I have to take the Euro, too?” Gigi asked, as she sulked like a child who didn’t want to do chores.

“Yes, his name is Carey, not Euro.”

“I know. Carey, have you learned a New York accent yet? How did you get to star in this movie? Did you have to use a condom?” Gigi said.

In a split second, Carey’s gooey smile turned into a frown. Peter heard the blow and said to Carey, “Below the belt. You love torture.”

Carey looked at Gigi and wanted to kill her with his bare hands. One second they were staring at each other like two birds and the next second she was insulting him. Mike gave Gigi a look.

“Okay. Let’s go. Philip you sit in the back,” Gigi commanded.

“I should sit in the back. You’re the driver. You have to drive me to Phoenix,” Philip says to Gigi and skipped to the truck. He jumped in and closed the door.

The two actors walked over to her truck, as Gigi hugged Mike goodbye. Everyone was in the truck and Gigi said, “I have to stop at my house. I need to take a shower and get some clothes. Philip, if you make one stupid remark or even say anything, you’ll be walking to Phoenix. Understand?”

“Yes, black mommy,” Philip said. He zipped his mouth with an imaginary key and asked Gigi to roll down the window so he could throw it away.

Carey sat next to Gigi. She moved closer to him and whispered, “How old is he?”


“I’m twenty-eight, now I’m scared.”

Gigi drove to her house on River and Oracle. She didn’t have plans to go to Phoenix today, but since they were paying for her gas, it gave her motivation to drive up there. She wanted to stay home, do her homework, finish her book, and go to the movies with Cinda, who was her movie partner and best friend in this boring city. She met Cinda in a pottery class at college; they were partners in class and then became good friends. They spoke together almost every day. Cinda had edited some of her books and stories when her regular editor was backlogged with work.

Gigi picked up her phone and called Cinda. “Hello,” Gigi sang.


“Are you busy?” Gigi asked.


“I have Carey Roland, Peter Right, and Philip Morey in my car. I’m driving them to Phoenix, you want to join us?”

“I can’t.”

“No, come on,” Gigi urged.

“Are you driving them to your house now?”

“Yes. I’m driving them to my house now. I have to take a shower.”

“Who else did you call?”

“Just you. I have to call Ms. Rachel later. But you’re coming over anyway, right?”

“Of course.”


Gigi folded her phone and put it back in the cup holder.

“You’re going to put us on display?” Carey asked Gigi.

“No. Cinda wants to ask you about Young Boys and she wants Peter’s autograph. She won’t be able to come to Phoenix with us. She has something to do.”

“You trust her?” Carey asked.

“She’s my friend, of course,” Gigi said.

“Is Ms. Rachel the girl you brought to the banquet?” Peter asked.

“Yes, that’s my girl.”

“This is going to be a fun day. She lives here?” Peter asked.

“No. In Chandler near Phoenix.”

Gigi continued to drive to her house with the three actors in her truck. Philip was looking out the window as if he was a child going to Disneyland. Peter and Carey were looking at the sites through the busy country town. Peter saw families walking together and he imagined his own.

Although Peter occasionally liked to get away from the kids and his wife, he still missed his family life in France. His kids were the center of his life and he enjoyed every minute of it. But the problem was with his wife. He loved Paulette, but he wondered if the magic was gone. He sometimes blamed the fact that she didn’t want to leave her family and move to America, but sometimes he blamed himself for being selfish. He left her with the kids for two to three months to perform in an American movie, knowing she was in a rock band and had to go to the recording studio to make music. He blamed himself that he put his career over his wife’s, and she was willing to accept the ordeal. At this point, he realized America was his mistress and felt like he was cheating on his family with her.

Gigi drove through a gate and parked her truck in front of a townhouse. She got out and the actors followed her lead. The townhouses surrounding them were different, and had bold, vibrant colors, which made them stand out from each other. Gigi’s townhouse was painted corn yellow, the townhouse next door was painted grass green, and the townhouse across the street was painted Indian red. Everyone lived in a two-story house, with desert landscape in their front yards and a two-car garage. Gigi walked over to the front door and opened it. The townhouse had a sense of home with tan carpets, a black iron entertainment center that held her PlayStation 2, thirty inch screen television, her mini-sound system, two surround sound speakers, and DVD’s and CD’s. She has a futon and a lazy boy chair in next to the sliding clear window to her patio and the view of the mountain landscape.

Philip said, “You must be poor. You live in a shack.”

Gigi looked at him and wanted to say something to hurt his feelings, but Peter said, “It’s not worth it.”

“Philip, I told you to be quiet. I guess you found your key,” Gigi said.

“Yes, because we’re not in the car.”

“You’re right, anyway,” Gigi said to Philip. “Make yourself at home. The bathroom is in the master bedroom.  There’s food and drinks in the refrigerator. The glasses are over there,” Gigi said, while pointing at a cabinet.  “And there’s a microwave over there. Okay?” Looking at the actors she added, “By the way, if you hear a knock, you can open the door, it’ll be Cinda. I’ll be upstairs.”

“Thanks,” Carey said to Gigi.

Peter went into the kitchen to get something to drink. He looked into the refrigerator and saw cases of Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and lemonade. He took a bottle of Gatorade and closed the door. He walked into the living room to look at her DVD collection and said, “This girl loves movies. Look Carey, she has at lest forty DVDs. I wonder when she gets the time to watch these movies,” Peter said, sitting down on the couch.

Unfortunately, Philip sat next to him and started to talk. Peter ignored his sayings about the afterlife, past lives, and eating meat and just stared through the sliding door to see the mountains in the distance.

Carey went into the master bedroom to use the bathroom. It looked like a desert paradise with sand in the tub.

Carey sat on the toilet seat thinking about Gigi. He knew he liked men, but there was something about this woman that made him want to have a relationship with her. Before leaving the room, he saw a cat out of the corner of his eye. He followed the cat, but the cat dashed under the bed to hide from the stranger. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He walked over to the two men and lay on the floor.

“Carey, why are you lying on the floor?” Philip asked.

“I need back support,” Carey said.

“I can support your back,” Philip said.

Carey looked at him and then at Peter. Peter shrugged because he didn’t want to pursue the conversation.

“I don’t need you to support my back. I am fine,” Carey said.

There was a knock on the door and Philip skipped over to open it. Standing there was a tall white girl with dark straight blonde hair to her shoulders. She was thin and had on a T-shirt and sweat pants.

“Wow, you’re hot. How old are you?” Philip asked the woman.

“I’m thirty years old, so I’m too young for you. You go out with hundred-year-old women. Is it for the senior citizen discount? If so, I feel sorry for you,” the woman said to Philip.

The woman walked in and told Philip to close the door.  He obeyed like a child. She walked into the living room and saw Carey and Peter.

“You must be Cinda,” Carey said to the woman getting up off the floor.

“You’re right. You still have an English accent. How the hell did you get into Young Boys? First, the movie was bad and second did your movie family realize you were British and not American?” Cinda asked.

“I shall not answer anything,” Carey said.

“He’s not British. He comes from Europe,” Philip said to Cinda.

“Idiot, when a person is British they come from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is located in Europe.  Now, I need twenty dollars from you,” Cinda said to Philip as she sat on the futon.


“I just gave you a damn geography lesson. You need to pay me.”

“What you said isn’t right. I’m smart. I’m special.  Carey is from Europe.”

“Philip, yes, you’re right. The gossip news is right too,” Cinda said.

“See, I am smart,” Philip said.

“Anyway, Peter, I love your movies. I love how you adapt to an accent, unlike your friend here,” Cinda said.

“Leave him alone,” Peter said angrily.

“You don’t understand. He wasted my time and money.  Yes, there’s nothing to do here but to watch movies, see dumb people walking on the streets, make fun of the American government, and watch the crap on television. But we thought the movie would be entertaining, but it was stupid,” Cinda said.

“You must not bother Carey over these things,” Peter admonished.

“I want to know if he will be in better movies.” Cinda looked at Carey. “Carey you’re a good actor, but please for the sake of God, pick better roles.”

“Right,” Carey said to Cinda.

“Peter, can I have your autograph in my book, please?”

“Yes, but stop talking bad about Carey,” Peter said.

“Will do.”

“Do you want my autograph?” Carey asked.

“You’re not that important, but what the hell. Sign your pretty girly little name in there.”

Peter gave Cinda a hard look. Cinda was an outspoken woman who didn’t give a damn who listened to her. She liked to be heard and asked for praise of who agreed with her. Cinda voiced her opinion and complained about everything under the sun.

“How about me?” Philip asked.

“Do you know how to write your name? Do you know how to spell?” Cinda asked Philip in a baby voice.

“Yes, give me your book,” Philip said like a child.

Cinda took an autograph book out of her purse and gave it to Philip. After signing his name, he gave the book back to Cinda. Looking at Philip’s signature, she tried her best not to laugh, but the signature looked like a three-year-old wrote it. She passed the book to Peter and then to Carey. Carey gave the book to Cinda and sat back down on the futon.

Cinda smiled at the two actors and when she looked at Philip, she gave him a confused look because Philip was playing with her shoelaces. She moved her feet and he stopped. Cinda just shook her head in disappointment at this man. Carey watched as Gigi walked down the stairs and into the living room. Her black hair with brown and golden highlights was curly and cascaded down her back. She had on a black tank top and brown shorts. Carey stared at her legs; they looked powerful but sexy. Carey’s eyes moved up to her chest and he had to put his hands over his eyes to control himself. Cinda looked at the drama and started to laugh. Gigi turned around to Cinda and gave her a big hug.

“So, did you have fun?” Gigi asked Cinda.

“Lots. They listened to my opinions,” Cinda said.

“Yes, we did,” Peter agreed.

“Well, now you know how the other people feel,” Gigi said to the group.

“Okay, let’s go. Cinda, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Gigi asked. She didn’t know what Cinda had to do that was more important than hanging out in Phoenix with Rachel, her, and three mega stars. In Gigi’s mind, this should be Cinda’s dream come true. She had always wanted to be popular or to be around the most rich and famous, like Gigi. She figured that the errands Cinda had to do must be important for her to miss out on this opportunity.

“Yes, I’m afraid so. I wish I can, but I can’t. I have a list of things I need to get done,” Cinda explained.

“Okay. I’ll tell Ms. Rachel that you were thinking about her.”

“No, tell that crazy girl she needs to get her act together,” Cinda said.

“You know I know, but she doesn’t. We can only hope for the best,” Gigi said.

“Keep these men in line when you go up there.”

Cinda got up from the chair and hugged Gigi again then left. Gigi unfolded her phone and speed dialed Rachel’s phone number. She knew that she was home resting from the club scene last night.

“Girl, what’s up?” Gigi asked.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m bringing the guys,” Gigi said.

“What guys?”

“Philip, Carey, and Peter.”

“No. The actors?”


“Where are they now?”

“At my house,” Gigi said.

“Okay. We have to take them to Club D.”

“Party, party. Where do you want to meet me at?”

“I’ll meet you at your house, and then we have to see my boyfriend, my everything,” Gigi said.

“What about Adam?”

“Forget about him, I’ll call him tomorrow. Okay. I’m leaving the house now. Give me thirty-five to forty-five minutes.”

“You’re crazy. You’re going to get them sick.”

“I know. Bye.”

Gigi folded up her phone and put it in her bag.

“Who was that?” Carey asked.

“Ms. Rachel,” Gigi said.

“Why did you tell her thirty-five to forty-five minutes? It takes an hour or so to get to the Phoenix area,” Peter said.

“Well, you have never driven with me. So let’s go.”

“Philip honey, we’re leaving now,” Gigi said to the child looking at the mountains in the distance. Philip got up from the floor like an obedient child. The other two actors walked out the door and Philip followed them. Gigi swung her laundry bag over her shoulder and walked outside. She put all her stuff in the truck and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Now, you guys are going to pay for my gas and give me a tip, right?” Gigi asked.

“Yes,” they said in agreement.

“Now Carey, since you’re up front, your job is to watch for cops ahead of me. Peter, look around for cops around me and Philip, go to sleep.”

“What?” Carey asked.

“Just do it,” Gigi commanded.

Carey and Peter looked at each other because they didn’t know what was in store for them.

Gigi got on the I-10 going toward Phoenix and she sped and weaved in and out of traffic. When the traffic was light she stepped on the pedal going just under 100 miles per hour. The phone rang and she picked it up. Carey and Peter looked at her in amazement and fear.

“What, girl?” Gigi asked.

“Where are you?”

“Casa Grande. Give me twenty minutes,” Gigi said.


“Peace.” Gigi folded the phone and put it in the cup holder. “We’re going to have a lot fun tonight,” Gigi said.

“If we get there in one piece,” Peter said.

End of Chapter 6. More to come on Wednesday!

About Aliya Leigh

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner. Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me –Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

“It’s a wrap,” Mike said in the blow horn.
There were gaffers, scene crews, camera crews, make-up artists, costume crews, stuntmen and -women, and extras, just to name a few. They were busy in the desert filming a scene for the movie, The Heat, starring Carey Roland, Peter Right, and Philip Morey. The premise of the movie is because of global warming, the characters find each other and try to survive in this new earthen hot surface.
Each actor had his or her own reason for doing the movie. Some of their thoughts were about money, performing, global awareness, and underlining schemes, but the director was the main attraction to the movie. By working with him, an actor learned how to improve his or her craft and they were able to get more roles in Hollywood because the director’s name was on their resume since he won four academy awards for screenwriting and directing. 
The director liked to be called Mike even though his real name was Rainbow Van. When he was born his family lived in a van and a rainbow appeared, thus the name. His parents didn’t allow him and his sisters to go to public school, so the family was home schooled. For entertainment, the family would go to the drive-in to watch movies, which was a treat because his parents didn’t believe in television. His parents thought television was the root of all evil in the world. When Mike was ten years old, his dream was to be in the movies. When he was eighteen years old, he ran away from his family and the city of San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles. He worked odd jobs and did things, which he was not proud of, to make money for living expenses and college. He went to college to study the art of filming. From then on, he had been directing and writing ever since. His parents still live in San Francisco, and still believe television is the root of all-evil. His sisters followed his example by going to college and making something of themselves. One is a marketing consultant and the other owns her own herb store chain. 
Mike was a fun loving type of guy, who wanted an actor to perform their best. He was willing to work with the actor and never made outrage demands on them. This thin, long haired, bearded, tan-skinned man was voted one of the best bosses to work for, four years straight. Some so-called serious actors couldn’t work with him because he was so laid back, but his style kept him focused on the real picture. Mike said to people, “When your name is Rainbow Van, you cannot be serious.”
The air was hot, around ninety-eight degrees of pure sun. Sometimes the sand devils would play with the wind for a while and then die. Peter was taking his allergy medication because of the dust. Peter was sitting in his chair near the cooler with bottles of water. He opened his mouth; it felt dry like the Arizona desert. He drank the whole bottle of water in one gulp, grabbed another bottle, and walked over to sit next to Carey.
“Pass me some water, please,” Carey said to Peter.
“Here,” Peter said, handing him a bottle.
“It is hot,” Carey said, as he drank the water.
“This isn’t hot, man. It gets in the triple digits over here. Last time I was in Mexico, it was one hundred eighteen degrees. That’s hot. I don’t understand how people can live in this heat,” Peter said.
“Well, Gigi lives here.”
“You like Gigi? She’s the rudest woman I ever met. Why are you interested in her?” Peter asked.
“I thought you liked men?” Peter asked. 
Carey whispered, “I’m confused. Peter, there is something about her. I believe she was putting on an act.”
Peter laughed and started drinking his third bottle of water. He looked at Carey and said, “You’re confused with confusion.”
“What do you mean?”
“The woman is rude. You like men. You also like her.  See, confusion,” Peter said.
“Peter, I don’t understand it. It has been three, close to four months and I still think about her.”
“How she embarrassed you at the audition and at the banquet?” Peter reminded.
“No. Well, I remember all of that. But when she danced, I think I saw her true soul.”
“Are you on drugs?”
“No, I am serious. I cannot stop thinking about her. I need to sit one on one with her to understand her. I need to know the true Gigi. Peter, you understand what I mean?”
Peter puts his bottle on the ground and bowed his head.  He looked at the ground as if the sand painted him a picture in front of his eyes. He raised his head and looked into Carey’s eyes. “What do you see in my eyes?” Peter asked.
“Your eyeballs,” Carey said seriously.
“No. I know you see my eyeballs, but look deeper,” Peter said.
Carey finally got the point. He saw friendship in Peter’s dull brown eyes. “This is how you knew Paulette was the one?” Carey asked.
“Yes. I was people watching, as usual, in the park in Northern France. I saw her walk through the park. She looked like a princess. She looked at me and walked by me as if I was a normal guy, not a popular actor. I did the same thing for two weeks, but she never showed again,” Peter said.
Peter looked up at the sky and continued.
“One day I was sitting outside at a restaurant. I saw her on the other side of the street. I can remember it like it happened yesterday.”
Peter smiled.
“Carey, I jumped out of my chair, ran over to her, and kissed her on her lips. Yes, I was compulsive. She slapped the crap out of me, which was understandable under the circumstances. I’m surprised she didn’t kick me where it hurts. At that moment, I looked into her eyes and knew she was the one, my wife-to-be.”
“Did Paulette feel the same way?” Carey asked.
Peter picked up his bottle of water and leaned back in his chair.
He took a sip of his water and said, “No, she didn’t. First of all, she didn’t know me. I had to show her one of my dreadful movies. I told her everything about me and after dating for a while, she accepted me in her life. At first, I didn’t want to get married to her because I was afraid of disappointing her. I thought I would turn into my bad boy image again, but when we had our first child, I knew we had to get married, not because it was the right thing to do, but because I loved them both.”
“Peter, I did not know you were this deep in thought before.”
“But there’s something else,” Peter started, but Philip interrupted their conversation.
“Is there anything to do here?” Philip asked.
Peter looked at him incredulously because he was so rude.
“What?” Peter asked.
“Is there something to do here? Like, are you totally deaf?” Philip asked, smiling because he didn’t care what anyone thought of him.
“We can go to Phoenix, but I don’t have a car. Can I continue talking to Carey, please?” Peter said to Philip.
“I’m going to ask the director then.”
“Please do,” Peter said with his hands pressed together, as if he was getting ready to pray.
Peter continued his conversation with Carey about true love, as Philip skipped to where Mike was sitting.
“Mike, I want to have fun,” Philip whined.
Mike saw the man in front of him acting like a two-year-old boy. With making changes to the script and the scene locations, he didn’t have time to entertain Philip. Mike regretted it more and more each day that he cast Philip because he contributed to the film financially. Philip had been demanding, rude, and self-centered, and acted like he was a god walking on the earth so people could worship him.
“Okay, and…” Mike waited for him to continue.
“I want to have fun. What can I do?” Philip whined again.
“I can call one of the screenwriters who worked on this project, dude. She lives here. Her name is Sub-Zero.”
“Okay. Call her now. Remember who’s making your paycheck. I’ll be waiting,” Philip said and skipped over to Peter and Carey.
“Peter. Carey. Mike is going to call Sub-Zero. She’s a screenwriter. She lives here. Can you believe it? People live here, in the desert. I wonder if they live in tents.”
“Do you mean that?” Carey asked Philip.
“Yes, I do.”
Peter thought Philip was such an idiot. Philip had the talent, but not brainpower. Peter thought he should make a decision for Philip. “Philip, you’re hungry. Go over there and eat something,” Peter said, pointing to the table.
“I think he was dropped as an infant,” Carey said.
Mike walked over to Peter and Carey with his cell phone in his hand and asked the two if they wanted to see the town.   
“It’s not my top priority to go out tonight,” Peter said. “I just want to call my family first.”
“I don’t mind seeing the town, I’ll go,” Carey decided.
“I’ll call Sub-Zero,” Mike said, as he dialed.
The guys heard Mike negotiating and laughing on the phone. They looked at each other confused. After Mike closed his phone, he turned to the actors sitting in the chairs.
He chuckled and said, “She’s a pain, but she’s lovable and has a good heart. She said she’s willing to drive you guys anywhere you like, but you must pay for gas and leave a tip.”
“What? Why the demands?” Carey asked.
“Dude, she said you guys make more money than she does and you can afford it. Right now, she’s at school, the local college near here.
Mike then looked at Philip at the table eating his food like a child. He had his napkin in his shirt like a bib and glanced up at Mike with his infamous smile.
“I can’t believe he’s a good actor. In reality he acts like my two-year-old child,” Mike said to the two actors sitting next to him. Mike left the group so he could finish up his work.   
“I wonder if Sub-Zero knows Gigi. It seems they both have the same demeanor,” Carey said.
“I don’t know, but I couldn’t deal with two Gigi’s in the world,” Peter said. Peter saw Philip skipping toward them. “Here he comes.”
Philip had a bright smile pasted on his face. He looked at Peter first, rolled his eyes, and then looked at Carey. He stepped in front of Carey staring deep in his eyes.
“Yes, Philip. How are you?” Carey asked.
“Hi Carey, you did good on the set. You really live out the character. I enjoy working with you,” Philip said.
“Thank you. The same goes for you.”
“Thank you. I knew you would warm up to me,” Philip said.
“Thanks, I guess.”
“I love the way you talk. How did you learn to talk English that way?” Philip asked.
“I was raised in England. I speak with a British accent.”
Philip looked at Carey with a blank stare. Carey could hear butterflies flying around in his head. 
“I speak English,” Carey said again.
“If you speak English, why can’t I talk that way?”  Philip asked.
“You were born in America,” Carey explained.
“Well, in America we speak English, but not like you,” Philip said.
Peter tried controlling his laughter after that statement. His children knew more than Philip. 
“Man, I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll see
you,” Peter said.
“You don’t have to make an announcement,” Philip said to Peter.
Peter wanted to wring Philip’s neck, but he remembered his mantra. “Peace with the body and land.”
Carey turned his attention to the puzzled Philip and said, “I was born stupid,” in the hope that Philip would leave.
Philip gave Carey a hug and said, “Oh. Too bad,” with a sincere sigh.
“I’m sorry,” he continued. “I’ll be your friend. I’ll never judge you. Believe me,” he said, as he put his hand over his heart, “it is hard for me to be special.” 
“I bet,” Carey said.
Carey pushed Philip away from him and said, “Thanks.  I have to go to the bathroom.”
“Okay. I can go with you. I can help hold your pee-pee,” Philip said.
Carey looked at Philip to see if he was serious. Philip had his famous smile pasted on his face.
“No, I can go to the bathroom by myself. Thanks, but no thanks.”
“I’ll be outside your trailer if you need any help,” Philip sang.
Carey walked into his brown and white trailer. Inside he had a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but it was not home to him, instead it was a cardboard box on a set. He stayed there when he was not due out on set to take a nap during takes, to think, or to get away from Philip.
Carey locked the front door behind him to make sure Philip could not get in. He lifted the blinds to the front windows and saw Philip smiling and waving to him, as if he was a two-year-old child. Carey smiled back and let the blinds back down. In his bedroom he fell on the bed and thought about Gigi. He knew there was something about her that she didn’t want to show and she did show her true self, unconsciously, when she dances the piece at the banquet. He was thinking about when she went out to dinner with him. She did show a little emotion and humanness to her personality.
He fell face down on his bed and rolled over to his back and looked at the ceiling fan hovering over him. He closed his eyes, looked at the ceiling fan again, and saw Gigi’s face smiling at him. He smiled and closed his eyes. He didn’t know why he thought about this girl, but he could not erase her smiling face and her beautiful body out of his mind.
Carey sat up from his bed and used his pillow as back support. He couldn’t afford to hurt his back. When he was a teenager in England, he was a club kid. One Saturday night, he called a friend to pick him up. When Carey was climbing down the rope, he slipped and fell on the floor. All he remembered that he was looking at the stars and passed out. He woke up in a hospital bed in traction and the doctor told him he may have to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair. With Carey’s stubborn attitude, yoga meditation, having a cross next to his bed, and reading the Bible daily, he began to walk again. It was a miracle of faith and science. Once in a while, Carey will have problems with his back, but it never stops him from performing stunts in movies. In The Ship, he broke a rib and sprained his ankle, but it didn’t stop him from performing more stunts in the film. 
Carey closed his eyes and thought about his life and the direction he was going in. He had concerns about his lifestyle preference. He knew he could never have a true relationship with a man or woman, but must portray this life he made up for himself. 
A knock at the door woke him up out of his trance and he jumped up from the bed too fast.
“Hello?” Carey asked behind his locked door.

About Aliya Leigh

Since being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner. Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me –Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

The Aces

Gigi was biting her tongue because she needed to think before she said something wrong. She was waving her favorite index finger at the boy and shaking her head. The girl next to her moved her chair a little ways from Gigi because from experience she knew Gigi was about to explode in a million pieces instead of being her calm, smart mouth, cutthroat, cunning self.

“What’s wrong?” the boy asked Gigi.

He hadn’t seen Gigi this upset before in all the time he had known her.

The people at the table were looking and listening to what Gigi was about to say with keen interest. Carey was upset that Gigi did not acknowledge him, but this scene was more interesting than the scene he experienced with her. For a change, Gigi was mad and he loved it, like an angel laying on a comfy fluffy white cloud without a care in the world.

“Okay, first, it was one hundred five degrees in the winter season of Arizona. It’s not supposed to be that hot. Anyway, when I left my home in Tucson and drove to Phoenix, I was wearing New York type winter clothes; Rachel was wearing them too. When Rachel and I were at the airport, we got so hot that we changed into the clothes you see us now. Our plane was delayed and I told your wonderful advertising person about the delay. She told me not to worry about it. Then, when we get to New York, the advertising person that I was supposed to meet with went home and the assistant was there to pick us up.”

“Bonnie,” the boy said.

“Yeah, Bonnie. Bonnie is a racist and wasted my time.  She called me a hick because I live in Arizona and I don’t understand the fashion and lifestyle of New York City. The damn girl didn’t even read my bio. Shoot. I wanted to say some other words, but I needed to classy up in here. I told her I was born and raised in Queens, New York in an upper middle class neighborhood. I told her Rachel was born and raised in an upper middle class neighborhood in Boston. At first she didn’t believe me, but after reading my bio that I told her to read in front of me she felt small. Shit! Excuse my language,” Gigi said to the table of stars.

“After we were finished with her, we came here. Our bags are in the coatroom. We didn’t have time to change. Now I’m cold, mad, and want to kill someone. That woman let my blackness blow up. Chris, why the hell did you do this to me? I thought we were friends, colleagues with the same mission in the writing field. You promised me that you would help me if I got you into that upscale writing society,” Gigi said.

“Gigi, I’m sorry about the marketing company. I will call Leaha tomorrow and get everything straightened out.”

“How? Tomorrow is Saturday, a non-business day, don’t tell me…”

“I have her home phone number,” Chris said quickly.

“You have her home phone number? You can call her now before the thought leaves your mind.”

“But Gigi,” Chris whined.

“No buts. You call her now and tell her the story I told you. The next time she wants to set up a meeting with me, she is flying out to the desert.”

“You’re being difficult.”

“Chris, don’t go there. It’s the marketing company you deal with. Yes, the publishers are helping me, but this book is special to me and I need it to show a special side to it. I trusted you to help. You know how important this book means to me. I was planning to self-publish it. I flew to New York and didn’t get anywhere with the marketing and now I have to be at a function with my hair looking like I just woke up and wearing clothes that I’m cold in. I didn’t plan to look like this at this function. This function is important to me. Believe it or get the hell out of my face. If she needs more clients and she’s as good as you claim her to be, she will fly to Arizona.”

Chris left the table holding his breath. He pounded his feet on the floor and walked toward his table like a child.

“He’s not going to make the call,” Rachel said to Gigi.

“I know, but at least we’re here. See, he came to me as a man and he walked away as a boy. I got my vengeance,” Gigi laughed.

Gigi didn’t acknowledge anyone at the table, which made Carey steam with anger. A man walked up to Gigi’s table and stared her dead in the face, but in her mind she was a ghost and wanted to be treated like one. The man cleared his throat, but Gigi still didn’t pay any attention to him. She kept on talking to her friend.

“Look at what the devil brought in. Why are you here?” the man asked Gigi.

Carey knew the man. He was nice by nature and a wonderful actor to work with. When he played the part, he lived through the character. They performed together in Young Boys and Carey liked to hang out with him when he visited the New York area. By the look on Shawn’s face, Carey knew he hated Gigi the same way he did. Shawn’s face was showing spots of red. Gigi looked at Carey and other members of the table. She lowered her head like she was praying to God. In the next minute, she looked right at Shawn.

“I was invited. Listen, I’m not here to argue with you. I had a rough day and I don’t want to get into a debate with you,” Gigi said.

“You’re a pirate,” Shawn said to Gigi.

“You have no right. You never want to hear my side of the issue,” Gigi argued.

“Because you don’t have a side,” Shawn said to her and Peter laughed.

“We’re not on the ocean. How can she be a pirate?” Peter asked Shawn.

“Computer pirate, Peter. She downloads illegal software, music, movies, and shows.”

Peter was in shock and felt old around the young people at the table who knew what Shawn was talking about. At that point, he thought back on what his daughter had said. “You’re old.”

Gigi shrugged and said, “You can’t prove it, idiot. This is what I mean; you never hear my side of the issue. Now, do you want to hear my side or not, Mr. Idiot?”

“Stop calling me an idiot. You support it. You wrote about it in your book. I bet you’ll make sure there are no illegal copies of your movie on the Net.”

Gigi sipped some of her tea to keep her body warm and stared at Shawn, giving him the evil eye. She put her cup down and signaled Shawn to take a chair so he could listen to her thoughts on the matter.

“Okay. I’m listening, devil,” Shawn said and smirked.

“First, you’re not in the movie Young Boys anymore, okay. So please talk normally, like a human, not as a retard. Or maybe you are. I don’t know or care.”

Peter stared at Gigi and then looked at Carey. Carey nodded at Peter. Gigi scanned the table. “We have to have examples why downloading should be legal, dork.”

“Please stop the name calling. You guys are acting like my kids,” Peter said to Gigi.

“Well, okay. I’ll try, but he started the war,” Gigi said defiantly.

Peter looked at the two adults acting like his children. Gigi was Mackay and Shawn was Carson. He immediately thought of his family. He wished his wife was by his side, but when reality set in, he was alone and felt like a stranger to the crowd.

“No, I didn’t. You wrote about me and my cause in one of your books.”

“You never heard my side,” Gigi still argued.

“I’m here now, tell me, oh wise one,” Shawn said sarcastically.

“Okay, this is how I feel about the movie industry.  There are many movies that suck, some don’t. I’m not going to say I download movies, but rather I check them out first. If I like the movie, then I will spend the eight bucks to see it. We have two examples, Young Boys and Horrors. With Horrors, I saw a download version first. I didn’t do the downloading, okay. I got it from someone else. After I saw the downloaded version, I spend eight dollars to see it at the theatre. I also bought the DVD and the soundtrack. The movie was funny and had suspense in it.”

Gigi looked at the two actors sitting at the end of the table and said, “Good job. I enjoyed the movie.”

Gigi looked at Shawn and Carey, who were both in Young Boys, and shook her head.

“With Young Boys, I wish I had seen a download version first before spending three dollars watching it. It was pure crap. It was supposed to be an epic, but to my friend and me and the people sitting in the theatre, the movie was just a joke with naked bodies and sex. Soft porn,” Gigi added. Gigi took a sip of her tea and said, “After the movie, I asked for my three dollars and time back.”

Gigi smiled at Carey and Shawn. “This is how I feel about downloading movies: if a person downloads a movie, they will watch it. If they love what they see, most likely they will see it in the movies. If they really like it, they will buy the DVD. And…”

“The movies do show previews,” Shawn pointed out, cutting off Gigi in mid-sentence.

“The previews don’t show you the movie as a whole.  Sometimes the best parts are in the previews and the rest of the movie is pure crap,” Gigi argued.

“Why should I pay you eight dollars, so you can badly entertain me? If you had a maid who didn’t do a good job cleaning your house, would you pay her?” Gigi asked Shawn.

“No, I wouldn’t pay the maid, but that isn’t the point,” Shawn said.

“Yes, it is. You know it, too. You just don’t want to hear the truth. The voice of reason wins again. Now please get up, put the chair back, and leave. Go shorty, go.”

Shawn stared at her with rage as a blood vein on his head throbbed as fast as his heart beat. He walked away and didn’t look back.

“See, I’m right,” Gigi said to Rachel.

Rachel laughed because this was the real Gigi. Rachel was happy that Gigi hadn’t changed since she became part of the media circus. Gigi vowed never to be a sellout or to kiss someone’s butt just to get in the spotlight. But what Rachel didn’t know was that Gigi had a secret that would put her in a different light in Rachel’s mind, although they were best friends.

“People hate you. I see I’m not the only one. Do you think you can be good to people instead of pissing them off? You’re a bitch. You turned a nice, wonderful guy into a raging lunatic. I’m surprised he controlled himself around you.”

“I hope you understand what I was saying. You could not be in my film. The part wasn’t written for you. Carey, you’re a good actor, but the part wasn’t for you. I wanted the film to be as close to the book as possible. I owe it to my fans and soon-to-be fans,” Gigi tried to explain.

“You didn’t give me a chance,” Carey whined.

“Too much of a waste of my time,” Gigi said.

“By the way, I heard about your fake dating partner, Sandra. At first I thought you did love her, but she was just an accessory for you,” Gigi said to Carey in a fake English accent.

“I loved her, I still do,” Carey defended.

“Yeah, whatever. Keep telling yourself that.”

Carey wanted to kill her and she could see it on his face.

“I know you love me,” Gigi said with a smile.

“No, I don’t,” he said.

“If you went out with me, you would be popular in the movies and in the writing field, but you’re too skinny and English for me anyway,” Gigi laughed.

No one at the table could believe what Gigi said as she cut him down to size mentally.

“Are you the writer, Gigi Meekins?” Nick asked Gigi.

Nick Bloom was a young, well-built Englishman who played in the movie Files with Carey. Gigi liked him for his acting and his mind. She always wanted to meet him in person to see if he was the same charming man onscreen as well as in person. His cornflower eyes had a hint of sea green in them, and his beard made him look wealthy and educated in a boyish way.

“Yes, I am. And you’re a screenwriter.”

“How did you know?”

“Remember, I’m a writer. I did some research on you. I read your bio. You wrote a screenplay for a short well-known movie that aired in England. Now you’re writer and actor, too.”

“Do you fancy me?” Nick asked with his cunning smile.

“Yes, I do. You look sweet, but looks aren’t everything to me. I’m interested in the mind. So, you like my books?” Gigi said to Nick with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Yes, love, I do. I wish I had a copy of Sleep, so you could autograph it. I love the book. It made me crap in my knickers. I had to take a sleeping pill to go to sleep. You’re good. How do you come up with the material?”

“Dreams, just dreams. I dream a story straight through, I write it down, and type it in the computer,” Gigi explained.

“Are you sure they are dreams?”

“Yes. With Sleep, I dreamt it for two weeks straight, and then I knew I had to make it into a novel. My dreams get creepy like that. One day I dreamt, for a month straight, that my apartment was on fire. It got to the point that I needed to get renter’s insurance. The fire dream gave life to Minds.”

“I love your writing and you are not fearful of anyone. I like that in a woman.” Nick wiggled his eyebrows.

Carey and Peter looked at Nick and wondered where his mind had gone. For a man to like Gigi was impossible in the mind of a sane person. Carey remembered back when Gigi told him she had a boyfriend who was mentally crazy. He now wondered if it was Gigi’s doing. For Nick to say something like that to a person who was the epitome of Satan, they wondered if Nick was mentally sick.

“You fancy her books?” Carey asked Nick incredulously.

“Yes. I have all of them. I illegally downloaded copies of her screenplays,” Nick said to the group.

“There are illegal copies of the screenplay on the Net?” Gigi asked with a smile.

“Yes. Are you upset?” Nick asked.

Gigi smiled. “Where are they downloading them from?” Gigi asked.

“In a lot of places.”

“Good. I’m so happy people are willing to read my screenplays. That’s cool,” Gigi said.

“You’re happy about this? As I understand you’re not getting paid for it,” Peter said to Gigi.

“Knowing that people want to read the screenplay on how the movie was written gives me pure pleasure. Plus, there’s a website with a lot of major films. You actors have to understand the screenplay in the heart of any movie, show, or play. I’m so pissed that you guys don’t give us any credit. Writers are the backbone of your careers. Writers are the real celebrities in the world, not the actors. We invent the characters and give them a body,” Gigi said to the group.

“Whatever,” Philip said.

“Whatever! I want you to perform in a movie without a script.”

“I can do that. I’m smart. My mommy says I’m special. Writers are geeks and ugly people. They can never be stars in the spotlight. They’ll break the cameras and turn all the reporters into stone, like that ugly goddess. Dude, she was ugly, thank Nirvana someone killed her,” Philip said.

Philip smiled at the group and Gigi looked confused. Gigi had heard that he was stupid or mildly retarded. She thought it was acting on his part, but now meeting him in person, she believed the stories to be true.

“Yes, you are special. I bet you got a special education too,” Gigi said to Philip.

“Yes, I am special. How did you know? You’re not smart, you’re a geek writer,” Philip said like a child.

“I can just tell. You need to get stabbed in a dark alley,” Gigi said menacingly.

“Please. You’re just jealous of my good looks and world knowledge,” Philip said.

“Whatever,” Gigi said. “Rachel, let’s go to the bathroom.”

“Thank you and do not bother coming back,” Carey said.

In the bathroom they were making themselves look decent without a proper grown for the banquet. Gigi said to Rachel, “I want to be like them. I want people to look at me and wonder what I’m all about or what I ate last night.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll achieve it. But do you want the attention?” Rachel asked.

“I need it. I crave it. I would die for any type of attention. I even thought about sleeping around to get it, but I value my body.”

Rachel stopped primping and looked at Gigi in the mirror. She knew what Gigi meant about attention. She was a mystery and she liked to keep it that way. “Girl, don’t worry. You’ll be popular. Everyone will be kissing your feet.”

“I hope so. When I achieve success, then I quit my job.”

“That day will come soon. You’ll see,” Rachel said encouragingly.

Gigi walked out of the bathroom and stood in the entryway of the hall. She saw people walking around and sitting at tables talking. She saw the authors at the writers’ table. She wanted to be a celebrity, not a nerd who wrote books and had a cat to substitute for a man in her life. She wanted to be someone; someone people would look up to and write about. She wanted to lead an interesting life not a boring one; the one she was living now.

“Hello, everyone. I want to thank you for supporting the Disabled Foundation,” the man in a black suit said on stage.

Everyone sitting at the tables clapped when the announcer finished talking. Carey looked around. He did not see Gigi anywhere only Rachel enjoys herself, sitting at a table with celebrities. The announcer continued to talk about the disabled living in America and how this banquet could provide money for the foundation. Gigi walked to the backstage entry after she knew Rachel could find her seat.

“Let’s start the show!” the announcer yelled.

During the show, celebrities sang, danced, and told jokes to keep the audience happy and cheering for more. The biggest shocker of the show was Gigi dancing to a smooth ballet song. Carey, Nick, Philip, Peter, and the rest of the table were watching her dance with a good-looking male partner. The look of shock on their faces was priceless.

After the show, Gigi walked over to Rachel so they could get the hell out of there and get some much-needed sleep. Without Gigi saying a word, Carey stared at her as if she were someone else. “You know ballet?” Carey asked.

“A little. I took dance lessons when I was younger. The piece you saw out there I had practiced five hours a day for shows when we had recitals and stuff. I had a lot of training.”

“You showed so much emotion, I fancy that. I knew you had to have a soft side to you and you finally showed it.  Who are you?” Carey asked.

“Nobody,” Gigi said.

“You’re somebody. You can be a nice person. Why the attitude?” Carey asked.

“Because it’s me, okay? I don’t want to discuss this anymore.”

Carey looked at her for a moment, trying to figure her out. There were a lot of questions in his mind about the tall caramel-skinned girl with the ponytail.

“What’s your problem?” Gigi asked Carey.

“You,” Carey said.


“You are my puzzle,” Carey said.

“Whatever, idiot. You’re crazy. When you see me again, don’t talk to me. I don’t want people to know I know a dumb Englishman. It’ll kill my rep,” Gigi said.

“If I see you, I will give you a big wet kiss,” Carey said with a smile to annoy her, the same way she did to him.

“You must love mental torment. You’re not my type.  You’re UK; I’m USA. You’re an actor; I’m a writer. No, it will not work out. Plus, you look like a female supermodel trying hard to look like a man. I’m not a lesbian,” Gigi said to Carey and walked off. She didn’t even wait around to see the expression on his face.

Gigi and Rachel walked to the coatroom counter and asked for their luggage.

“Now we can change and put on some sweaters before we go outside,” Gigi said, looking through her bag.

“What was that, girl?” Rachel asked.

“What was what?”

“You treated Carey in the worst way today. Is this part of your game?” Rachel asked.

Rachel knew Gigi was scheming up a plan for Carey. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it couldn’t be good.


End of chapter 5

About Aliya Leigh: 

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.


The AcesThe air was as cold as ice. Cops were gathering the homeless and putting them in the van, taking them to the shelter against their will whether they wanted to or not. One cop, who had been there for an hour, saw a man frozen to death. He wanted to cry, but couldn’t allow emotion to touch him. People around the area ran to the subway station to get their bodies warm. There weren’t a lot of people on the street and small businesses were closing early. This was a cold evening in New York City near Times Square.

Inside a building, there were people dressed to impress. Some of the women had hardly any clothes on, and some of the men were dressed in suits or dress pants and dress shirts. Overall, they were dressed to the highest standards of the entertainment world with brand names. Servers were there to take orders and serve food, and flashes from cameras were going off like gunfire. In reality, the function was for the homeless and poor. To the people inside, this function allowed them to get exposure, meet people, conduct business deals or get laid.

In the midst of all the celebrity drama, there was Philip Morey, Peter Right, and Carey Roland sitting at a table with other actors. Carey was talking about his movie Files. The movie made all the main actors famous in their homelands of the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and America. They were all nobodies before the film, but during Files and after, the main actors became best friends. To have a reminder of the bond, the actors and actresses all got matching tattoos on their hips to show their friendship to the world. Since the cast had gotten older and wiser, the tattoo idea seemed to be a little too much, but they were still the best of friends. They had even helped each other get parts in other movies. To Carey, Files was his moment to shine and did to the media world, but with fame, there was always a price. Carey knew Sandra was not there at the banquet although she was invited. She did not want to cause a scene or stir things up, so she stayed at her home in California with her good-looking boyfriend, who was known in the media. Carey was trying to get out of the habit of looking at the person to the right of him, where Sandra usually sat. He needed to move on with his life and find a backup to take Sandra’s place.

While Carey thought about Sandra and talked to his co-stars, Peter was trying his best to ignore Philip and his words. He wanted to change his seat, but the seats were pre-arranged. Peter wished his wife could have been here to see the stars upfront and personal. Paulette was a celebrity in France and other parts of Europe, but not in America. People in America knew Peter’s wife as the mother of their children, not a pop rock star, who this year sold 10 million CDs. Her band sounded almost like U2 with a mix of Christina Aguilera and Ashley Simpson. Paulette did go to an American star-studded affair one time and was disgusted how people treated her husband. Some woman told her that Peter would cheat on her and leave her French plain self. She vowed that she would never go to another function in America again because of the rudeness and backstabbing. When Peter thought about his wife and children he tried to drown out what Philip was saying, but it didn’t help. Philip kept talking and talking about past lives and ways he has died, the media, his girlfriends, and anything else he had on his mind. Peter hoped the seats across from him stayed empty, so he could sit away from this guy.

At the function, there were musicians, actors, actresses, socialites (who don’t do anything, except talk and flaunt their millions), and the celebrity nerdy writers. The DJ in his booth played different types of music to please everyone.

At this event, some celebrities would perform their talents. The performances were to raise money for the foundation, but to some of the people performing they could care less. They were performing to audition for a part in a future play, movie, television show or record deal because there were directors, producers, television executives, music executives, and music producers in the audience. The function was just a show, not a fundraiser for the goodness of the world.

Peter looked at the empty seats and they called out his name, but then he saw a sports drink bottle hit his table with force and he was out of his trance.

Everyone stopped talking in the room and looked at two girls on the dance floor. One girl was tall with caramel skin. Her brown straight hair was in a ponytail, and she had on a brown tank top and light blue jeans with holes in them. The other girl was short with a darker complexion and black hair.

The two girls gestured for two men at a table to dance with them. Making their way to the dance floor, the girls immediately grabbed each man and danced seductively with them, like the function turned into a dance club.

After the girls and men danced a few songs, the girls sat at the table with Carey, Peter, and Philip. The tall girl ordered tea for both of them and the other girl looked around. They both looked excited and happy to be there, but they seemed to be ignoring the people around them.

“I needed that, phew,” the tall girl said to her friend.

“Girl, you know it. I was going to get ghetto up in there. What was she talking about? I have not a clue.”

“I hate it when people waste my time.”

“Why are you here?” Carey asked the tall girl.

The tall girl finished the last drop from her drink and put it under the table. She ignored the question from Carey; she didn’t even look at him. The two girls remained ghosts at the affair. A waiter walked over to their table and the two girls ordered two cups of hot tea.

“I am so cold,” the dark-skinned girl said to the tall girl.

“Girl, tell me about it. I forgot how cold it gets over here.”

The tall girl saw a boy walking toward her. “Hello, Gigi. I told you she’s the best,” the boy said.

This boy, who looked like a pre-teen, was actually a twenty-five-year old famous writer. He was confused why they weren’t dressed properly for the function and why the tall girl was not being her butterfly social self, but he was happy to see her there with her attitude and charm.

“I hate you. I just hate you. You owe me,” Gigi said to the boy. Her face was red as a beet through her caramel complexion.

More to come soon on Wednesday!

About Aliya Leigh

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

The Aces – Chapter 4 ends…

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The Aces Sandra invited Carey and Peter to her house. They felt that it wasn’t a necessity to go to the after party. They had been to the Teen Choice Award after party before and it was a circus. The reporters were there trying to get the dirt on the stars’ lives. With the reporter noticing Carey and Sandra having problems in their relationship, it wouldn’t have been a good idea to attend the party.

“When shall we break up?” Carey asked Sandra.

“Did you two act differently at the awards show?”  Peter asked Carey and Sandra.

“Yes, I wrapped my arm around Sandra’s waist, Sandra whispered in my ear about friendship. I took my arm away from her waist. The cameras and reporters saw the action.  One reporter asked me about it. I told her it was my business,” Carey said defiantly.

“Good start. Now the media sees there are problems in your relationship. Sandra, you can leak information to your talkative girlfriend about your problems with Carey. They will leak the information out in the public. Reporters will ask you and Carey about the relationship and you can tell them you two broke up. Easy as that,” Peter said.

“It works,” Sandra said.

“By the way, you can have your friend Arthur help you out,” Peter suggested to Carey.

“Arthur is good. I trust him,” Carey said.

“I don’t like him,” Sandra said truthfully.

“Anyway, this is a good plan for you two,” Peter said, ignoring Sandra’s comment.

“Right,” Carey replied.

“I will start the leak tomorrow by talking to Ivey,” Sandra said.

“We better go,” Peter said.

Peter got up from the chair and walked out the front door, leaving Carey and Sandra alone. Carey sat next to Sandra. “Are you happy?”

Sandra held back her tears. “Carey, I am happy. I want you to be happy. I want you to live your life for yourself, not for the media or your family. I love you as a friend and it won’t ever change. You can always talk to me, but be careful around Arthur. How did you meet him anyway?”

“It is a long story, Sandra,” Carey said, sighing.

“But be careful.”

“I never had to careful around him before. He knows almost all of my secrets,” Carey said.

“Be careful. I am sorry about the whole thing.”

“Don’t be. You found true love.”

Sandra stood up and hugged Carey. Carey returned the hug and kissed her on the cheek. He left her house without saying another word.

He walked out the door without looking back, got into the car, and asked the driver to just take him home.

As Carey thought about his life and the sad choices he had made to get on the A-list, Peter thought about being at home, in France, with his family.

All that glitters isn’t always gold, the thought stamped in his mind.

End of Chapter 4


About Aliya Leigh

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.