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grateful for mansplain
Some, (read: many men) love blaming feminists for creating terms like “Mansplaining” because they believe it paints all men with a negative paintbrush. This is not true. There are many men who do not mansplain things and are very capable of having conversations that are funny and respectful and sane. Of course because they are sane, they’re not accused of mansplaining. So what is this “mansplaining” anyway? According to ye ole google machine, this is what it is:

Mansplain Definition

allow me to mansplain


How does one mansplain something?

no such thing as mansplain

It seems that many men believe that their masculine parts (read: penis) equip them with a brain so superior to a woman’s, that on many topics he would be an expert regardless of the woman’s expertise, background, qualifications, or hell, even opinions. I’ve heard some people describe it as men who claim to be good at everything even when they clearly have never done said thing they’re mansplaining. But that’s just arrogance and assholery. As humans we are not capable of being good at every single thing we attempt or think about.


Let’s not be assholes or mansplainers or trolls. But trolls is a topic for another day. Today, just go out there and be open, engaging and if, as a man you feel the urge to explain to a woman why she should not feel the way she does, why she should see things from your perspective because you have one little clue about whichever topic you’re discussing…don’t. Embrace what everyone brings to the conversation, to our experiences, and to life in general. Don’t be that guy!

tina geys

“The first draft of everything is shit.” -Ernest Hemingway


I like this quote. A lot. Probably too much.

I try to remember it when writing. Would I have said it the same way? Probably. Especially since I feel that way about most of my first drafts. Many of them require extensive revisions, updates, re-reads, fine tuning and some are even thrown out – granted, accidentally sometimes, because I have a bad habit of writing on anything I can find when I have an idea – post it note, envelope that bills and other mail come in (why else do they mail those things,  anyway?), napkins, etc.

Granted, I share idea and a some poetry drafts with someone who loves me in spite of my crazy moods and thoughts, because in poetry, some of my first drafts flow and exude emotion. With everything else? I refuse to share a first draft. Why? Ego protection. And because the draft is shit.

Below is a link to an interesting list from the Thought Catalog which contains “21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Writing Tips from Great Authors” written by Cody Delistraty. Be sure to check out the advice in #21. It’s super helpful! 🙂

 21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Writing Tips…

What are some of your tips or helpful articles of advice?

I’m loving life inside this person’s, ahem, character’s head, shoes and heart, or lack thereof…? Does writing feed ego?