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(A series…)

How to tie a scarf in several different ways.

How to be still.

How to love people you didn’t birth.

How to cook soft shelled (or is is “shell”?) crabs becuase I wanted them.

How to never give up on dreams.

How to go with the flow when all you want to do is drown the sorrow.

How to be brave.

How to not get lost in your own reflection.

…We all need this type of love.



When you’re the happiest semi sad person around, it can get weird. Mostly in your head. But if it’s weird there, then I’m sure it’ll get weird in other areas too. What is this “semi sad happy”?

It’s when you’re happy, have a lot going for you, but still feel sad about something or someone. I guess that happens to most people and it’s normal? For example, if you’re having a good time with friends but missing someone, or if you’re seemingly contentedly doing something you usually enjoy, like maybe reading a book, enjoying rays of sunshine, sitting by a body of water, playing with a fur baby or an actual baby but wish someone else were there with you, this is semi sad but happy. Also, I say, “semi”, because you’re not full blown sad amd down and out, just not completely happy or fully at peace.

Either way, it feels odd being the happiest semi sad person. Or maybe it’s just a reaction to a mind itch. Like, does the person I miss, miss me too? Does the person I wish were here, want to be here? Our minds never let us rest but I’m thinking it’s because we don’t allow our minds to do just that – rest. Resting, relaxation, and self evaluation may help. So umtil I get the answers, I’ll just sit and stir thoughts into my dark, brooding mind and reflect. The mind itch needs to be scratched.


Life and Love

Posted: January 25, 2016 in Awake, Tell it Tuesday
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What were once the happiest moments in life are not happy, sometimes barely tolerable, when you’re not with the person you want to be with.

Love and live.


Be thankful.
For rain, snow, ice pellets (ice pellets?), and yes, even the warm, welcoming sunshine.
Without cold, wet elements we’d have forest fires, parched lands, droughts covering every productive farm
Leaving Mother earth desperate and barren.

If you believe beautiful weather is only sunny and warm
Don’t criticize those sloshing around,
Everything, including seasons turn.
Southern fruit can become bitter.
A forest fire can wipe out an existence.
Inhabitable lands shrink.
Appreciate all of nature
Not only when convenient.
Happiness is not recognized without suffering.

Copyright 2015. Natasha Ramsey

Happy New Year to those celebrating a new calendar year starting January 1st! To those who celebrated the start of a new year at a different time, I would like to wish you a wonderful new year as well!

Here I am pondering the start of a new year but to be honest it doesn’t feel much different than a week ago or hell, a few months ago. Maybe because it’s not a cornerstone for me? For example I don’t really celebrate the Christmas holiday season and I don’t make new year resolutions. Maybe it’s the inability to carry them through or maybe because I feel like I make enough promises to myself throughout the year. Either way, no resolutions are made and no desire to make a resolution has surfaced in quite some time.

I will, however, continue to be kind to those I meet and most of all, myself. This was a promise made awhile back most likely after getting pissed in some bar after a family outing or interaction and lots of whisky. So far I’ve kept the promise but like many humans, I’ve also failed at times. However, I’ve been able to put the questionable days into perspective and tried to learn from them. 

This has been especially helpful when dealing with this past year’s great times as well as the horrible moments. It has helped me to truly understand that love and gratefulness are the only saving graces, so to speak, so if I’m alive and loved I can choose to be thankful for all of my experiences or wallow in my stinkin’ shit pile and let’s face it, it’s tough to find or sustain love when you’re busy feeling sorry for yourself. It ain’t cute. It ain’t sexy. And I don’t know about you, sad sex is just, well, sad and unfulfilling. Who needs that??

So until I can find the positive aspects of everything, I will continue to be grateful and continue to love those who despise me (from a distance of course because I’m not a sadomasochist!). Oh, and full disclosure, please don’t let this post fool ya. On several occasions I have wished those who have hurled vile and hurtful comments a lifetime full of itchy butts coupled with constant odiferous anal leakage. Yes, finally I got back in check and realized that life serves up learning highs and lows so I rescinded the thoughts. After all, I’d never want someone to wish that upon me. Not that I think they will, but I sometimes wonder if karma is blind or directionally challenged.

Admittedly, the efforts towards forgiveness can be draining and daunting. So until I get it right, I’ll just continue to try and be loving towards everyone I meet. Sure, it will be met with suspicion as it has been at times, but suspicious eyebrow-raising moments beat cruel, hurtful moments any day.

Therefore, I hope that everyone reading this will have THE best fuckin’ year EVER and not just because of tangible wealth or lack of adversity and obstacles, but because they are appreciated and most of all, loved.