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donthatemethemovie smithsonian museum

Have you always wanted to support a local, empowering cause that will benefit millions of young lives? Donna Fair and Tony Fair have created a powerful documentary that you must check out!

This dynamic duo started this project on their own time and dime and are proud to share it with the world. Why should you care? Because the lives of our young people matter. Because the self-esteem levels in several young women are unfortunately, low. Because as a race of people, we should all care about the young humans we are raising, surrounded by, and influence.

How do you help? Sign up now to attend a screening at the Smithsonian to find out more and to support this awesome documentary!

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to add it immediately to your calendar so there’s no forgetting. Yep, it’s that good – you don’t want to miss this event.

Find them online from any of the links below to get more information about this wonderful film:


Videos of inspirational quotes and more!




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I’ve created a new category primarily to promote and share information about the wonderful independent authors, filmmakers, musicians and more, that I know.

Im the U.S. many cities are, or ultimately become fishbowls, with the exception of a few that are recognized as indie meccas. Thing is, some fishbowls can be welcoming and warm, but some can be cold and judge-y, thus alienating outsiders. So how do you know where to go for support, or even how to support the people doing great unsigned work? And if you go to a venue, is it warm and welcoming with patrons willing to support your venture or is everyone trying to sell their work?

The truth is, many of us independent folks tend to stick to our own circles, essentially tapping the same resources, people, and venues for support and guidance. Is this bad? Not necessarily. Is it paying off? For some.

Therefore, my goal is to shed light on as many new ventures as possible and virtually support the projects and people I believe in. I can’t literally attend every event or screening to which I’m invited so this is my way of being supportive.

If you want me to share information on your fundraiser, your projects, your books, your art, etc., email me a synopsis and all applicable links for reading, or viewing, etc. at

If you have certain timeframes you’d like to share, be sure to highlight the dates and what they are (book release, film premier, fundraising deadline, etc.).

Let’s share our good independent works with the world!

Today’s WonderFUL Human is Reginald Cyntje!


Reginald Cyntje’s CD, “Love”.

What makes him a wonderful human? Well, he’s always willing to share love, peace and joy. If you think I’m being overly optimistic or sound like a Hallmark greeting card, you’re right. But it’s only because this talented trombone player is truly as delightful as I’ve described. His concerts are always respectful of his environment and audience. He incorporates a dizzying array of sound not just related to jazz, but to good ole throwbacks and undertones to his Caribbean roots. Of course I’m biased about this because we share the Island blood but to just say he’s a great musician and wonderful human based on that fact alone would be discrediting the relationships he’s forged with other musicians and artists in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area.

I’ve not been to as many live shows as I’d like, but I have followed Reg’s social media footprint for quite a few years. Aside from blessing your ears with the most mellow and moving sounds, you will find that he moves your mind as well with his reflective blog posts and constant encouragement. Want to see for yourself? Check him out now!

Find Reginald Cyntje online through any of the ways listed below. If you’ve heard his music, seen him live, or just know him or of him, share some of your thoughts with the world!