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Oregon Grille
1201 Shawan Rd
Cockeysville, MD 21030

The Good
The free food that I’ve had at this bar, which accompanies the happy hour drinks are exceptional! As much as I love good, well prepared meals, I have to say that while lunch and dinner at this restaurant have been very tasty, you can’t beat the happy hour specials in the bar.

Bar: I’ve had delicious oysters as well as some wonderfully prepared salmon and tuna sashimi. All of the seafood has been fresh, well prepared, and the tables at the bar with the food have been kept very clean, even when there are hordes of patrons surrounding it.

Full Dining: I’ve had several dishes during restaurant week, including pastas with red sauce, gazpacho and tasty salads, all of which I would recommend during restaurant week.  Outside of restaurant week, I’ve had several fish entrees, all of which were tasty and well-seasoned, but not overly done, with fresh veggies which were just the right amount of crunchiness and crispiness.

The Bad

In addition to the fine dining side, I’ve been at the bar for two full happy hours. I don’t like to judge a place only on one visit unless they’re absolutely horrible, but will say that the food is the only thing that will keep me going back. I had a good experience with the bartenders the first time around, and one in particular is always friendly, knowledgeable and fun. The other, not as much.

While this other bartender was good at making a drink that you ask him to prepare as you give all of the details needed, don’t ask for a whiskey, scotch or any similar recommendation. I asked for a whiskey or bourbon recommendation based on the types I expressed as my favorites and when he suggested one, I asked if I could taste it since I’d never tried it. His response was, “I can only let you taste a small drop or two of it”. Wow, what an immediate turn off. A bartender recommending a supposedly high end drink, after I’d already had a glass of wine as did my friends, all of whom have been to this restaurant several times, who did not want to share a taste or considered my request unimportant. I don’t know if he thought I’d go round tasting whiskey all night and not purchase any, but that’s why judgment should always be checked at the saddle bearing wall of the Oregon Grille.

The Ugly

The bartender’s response. Plain and simple. The ratings for this restaurant’s food and seventy percent of the employees are good. However, I will remove a star or two as this bartender’s response ruined my mood for a few minutes and was less than friendly on two occasions in small spurts. 


Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Road #126  Baltimore, MD 21211

The Good:

The food!! The service was very good and all of the wait staff, bartenders, and hostess were friendly, knowledgeable and did not have any hint of a bad attitude or seem as if they were being hoity-toity – the technical term for snooty or stuck up.

Our waiter was so friendly, provided full explanations of the meals and its preparation, and even successfully encouraged us to try the Beef Tartare, something that my friends and I wouldn’t have typically chosen, but I will say that it’s the item I long to go back to this restaurant for! It had the appearance of a raw meatloaf with seasoning and a raw egg on top of it, but once you bit into a forkful of it, the meat was so soft and well seasoned that the taste exploded in your mouth in a wonderful way.

We also had the Butcher’s Board, which contained not only slices of bacon, but several slices of bacon fat – the white part of the bacon strip. After a few Government mules (specialty drink that has a hint of citrus coolness and ginger beer), we had more appetizers and food. I promise to have pics from my next visit because honestly, I can’t find the ones I took. Don’t fret, though, see the urbanspoon link below that will take you to a pic of the beef tartare and a review.

Our waiter was also not only helpful when selecting our food, he turned me on to a very good scotch that I thoroughly enjoyed and will have there again.

On an unrelated to food note, I swear I was waiting for cute waiters and waitresses who were dressed as if they just stepped out of a Levi’s catalog to break into a line dance at any minute! They were all so fun dressed and who knows, maybe the jeans and shirts helped them feel more relaxed than a white starched so you can’t breathe shirt. Either way, love the quirkiness of the dress and the style of the restaurant.

The Bad:
Parking isn’t the most convenient, neither is the location. The restaurant is located in a section of Baltimore named, “Hampden” and on Clipper Mill road, the street parking fills up quickly while one of the parking lots is packed with gravel for those who care about their car/car tires However, there is valet parking so don’t let this comment deter you.

The Ugly:
Nothing to report on this aspect!

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