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How to avoid getting molly-whopped or Spencered (richard, lowercase kkk): 

  • Don’t try to convince POC you’re on their side. If you are, they’ll know.
  • Don’t remind or inform POC that you marched for them,  or are fighting for them. Do it for you, for equality, for freedom, etc.
  • Throwback advice: Don’t touch anyone’s hair. Oldie but truthie that’ll still get you knocked tf out, so consider this my PSA to you, dearhearts.
  • Don’t assume jokes and comments specifically about drumpf are okay, especially in mixed company, or at work. They may be triggers for some…
  • Don’t tell anyone to “move on”, “get over it”, or specifically, what they should do. It’s not only too soon, but is guaranteed to get you at least heavily side-eyed or knocked the fuck out and well, no one wants that.

Article: Richard Spencer getting punched in the face. Yeah, I’m sharing it. It was a highlight of mine on that dreary, rainy, Friday.