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People who aren’t systemically oppressed and abused aren’t scared of authorities or those who skew events in their favor. Why would they be? They haven’t lived through a fear so overpowering that it takes your breath away. So overpowering that it makes you fearful to speak. So overpowering that you CAN’T speak because the words will not come out.

These people have never been stopped and frisked for no reason. For many, they cannot begin to imagine the shame of sitting on a sidewalk as cars drive by with passengers wondering, “what that person do?” as cell phone photos of the “thug” are circulated on social media.

These people have lived a privileged life. Oh, and privilege does not mean only money or power. Sometimes privilege comes with skin color. Sometimes privilege is blind to privilege.

Today I encountered many who may okay with systemic oppression by virtue of not being able to recognize it and who refuse to acknowledge its existence. I’ve also encountered those who can’t move past it to try, and some of whom are unable to pave positive paths. I’ve also encountered some who are trying oh so hard to make life better and to  understand why good things happen to bad people and why bad things happen to good people. Good luck with that question. No one knows the answer.

Look, I and many others will never be on the “right”.side of history books when they’re written by my oppressor but I wasn’t supposed to be. I refuse to stop trying to make a difference. I refuse to back down when those who do not fight the same fight, forget what it means to stop and empathize or find it easy to sit back in their comfy lazyboy chairs, watching tv and pointing fingers.

I need you to know what oppression feels like. To know what it tastes like. Like dirt and asphalt and pigeon shit. I need you to know that while west fight for differemtt rights, they’re all civil rights.

I’ve met and have much respect for those who care about civil rights more than their personal comfort. To these people, I know who you are and I know your skin color.  I appreciate and respect you.

Baltimore matters. Black Lives Matter. Anger and frustration over the death of Freddie Gary, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and so many others are understandable. This is a countrywide matter and not just a Florida, Ferguson, NY, etc. matter. This is a civil rights issue, not just a black issue. And don’t think for one second, that if you’re a model black person you won’t get stopped or shot. If you do, you don’t understand why some are angry.

How many of you will share this? Speak on it? How many of you will just remain silent?