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How to avoid getting molly-whopped or Spencered (richard, lowercase kkk): 

  • Don’t try to convince POC you’re on their side. If you are, they’ll know.
  • Don’t remind or inform POC that you marched for them,  or are fighting for them. Do it for you, for equality, for freedom, etc.
  • Throwback advice: Don’t touch anyone’s hair. Oldie but truthie that’ll still get you knocked tf out, so consider this my PSA to you, dearhearts.
  • Don’t assume jokes and comments specifically about drumpf are okay, especially in mixed company, or at work. They may be triggers for some…
  • Don’t tell anyone to “move on”, “get over it”, or specifically, what they should do. It’s not only too soon, but is guaranteed to get you at least heavily side-eyed or knocked the fuck out and well, no one wants that.

Article: Richard Spencer getting punched in the face. Yeah, I’m sharing it. It was a highlight of mine on that dreary, rainy, Friday.

Tell it!

Tell it!

If I declare “Je suis Charlie” I’m popular* with those who are saddened and with the numerous people aware of the recent killings of satirists in France. And I may feel good about myself. If I declare that there’s long been anger and hatred between Algerians and the French and that it’s sad that all religions have fanatics wanting to kill in the name of said religion, I’m not so popular*. And I may or may not feel so good about myself.

If I declare that Boko Haram needs to be stopped from killing more innocent people in Nigeria, I’m popular*. But mostly with those concerned about humans in Africa and around the world. Sadly, many people in my social media network and from reports I’ve seen on several media outlets don’t seem to care. It also seems that not many people in first world countries see Boko Haram as a threat to humanity or their issue to address. However, I still feel good about myself.

If I declare that I’m against police brutality and the murder of innocent black men at the hands of police officers sworn to protect and serve, I’m popular*. If I say that the police officers who turned their backs on Mayor De Blasio when he spoke at a recent police officer’s funeral should be reprimanded and if they hate their city’s Mayor that much, they should find another job, I’m not quite as popular*. If I say that black on black crime chafes my hide but it’s a different problem that should be addressed separate from the police brutality/murder issue, I’m not so popular* again.

If I say to some black people in the U.S. who want people from the Islands and other countries to claim “black” as their race are wrong, I’m not popular*. When I explain that everyone has a right to be labeled whatever they consider themselves, I’m still on the not-so-popular side of things. If I say, “passing as…” or “lying to self…” etc., is a separate subject, I’m still not in the popular* club.

If I say that both white AND black people can be racist, I’m definitely not popular*! We’re all human though, and based on our life experiences, thoughts, sometimes backgrounds and conditioning, etc., we have biases. Granted, many of us move past those to live peaceful and accepting lives among other humans. Some…not so much. But the nerve to say that someone is racist, especially if they don’t believe it, although they exhibit traits and actions proving it, makes me very unpopular*.

What’s all of this have to do with anything? It doesn’t matter how many Facebook “likes” and social media shares, thumbs ups, RTs, responses, etc. I get. If an opinion or thought is truly my own, I will stand behind it when it is popular and when it is less popular or considered downright wrong. Parroting someone else’s agenda and opinions makes you a parrot, a sheep, a meek moron. Who cares if you’re not popular? Stand your ground. But maybe not in Florida.

I post my opinions but try to do so in a way that the written word can convey my happiness, pissedoffedness, fun foolery mindset, etc. Recently, I’ve seen some (more) interesting and strongly worded statements on social media about religion, racism, sexism, religion and in general, how one should behave, respond, react, feel, or act, or wear at any given time. While it’s your right to have an opinion or judge someone else based on thoughts, style of dress, etc., I must ask a question. Ready? Who gave you the all powerful right to judge someone else or more specifically, who gave you the right to judge someone’s life, heart, intention, or opinions?
Dear religious zealots: Who gave you the right to judge others? Also, if you’re a member of a minority group wherever you live or based on you skin tone, life, etc., and you’re one of the people who are judging others, I have to ask, don’t you have enough people against you already? Why go around throwing fire on situations? Believe what you must, but shut da hell up  and let people live their lives.
Dear religious folk who use social media as a pulpit: You can be happy and follow your religion, but really, don’t you think you’re better served not posting only on Sundays, and daring to “call” others out because they don’t share your views? If everything is God’s (or insert your preference here) will, then why question or highlight anything? After all, it is God’s will.
Also, while we’re on this path, why is it that when something good happens, it’s God’s will, but if something bad happens, it’s the devil’s fault? If three great, wonderful, caring people are in a car crash and two live but one dies, I dare you to say it’s God’s will that they lived within ear shot of the parents of the deceased. Why? Because regardless of your beliefs, you need to stop and consider how others will respond when you say something. Also, refer to the paragraph above about God’s will.
Oh, and if all religions believe the other religions are wrong, then by sheer logic, aren’t all religions wrong?
I’m not trying to argue faith as a whole, just highlight the flaws with people’s general statements, and strong, almost “Internet troll-like” ways. After all, more wars were started in the name of religion than for any other reason.
With regard to racism: Every human has flaws. Some are just more flawed than others. Yes, racism exists. Those who aren’t in a minority class may not experience it as much as those who are, but let’s be honest, racism exists and those in the majority class witness it even if they don’t experience it first hand.
Dear white people: There will be numerous topics that you will unfortunately be blamed for, not viewed favorably if you join in, etc. even if you were not directly involved. Yes, it sucks. No, I don’t agree with that line of thinking. But compared to living day in and day out as a minority who experiences racism, consider yourself lucky that that’s all you have to be uncomfortable about. I know all white people don’t have mansions and a million servants but if your reality isn’t that bad, just understand that this is just one of the things your privilege affords you and let this one go. The same way some minorities can’t understand privilege, is the same way you won’t understand how racism acts and words can taint a person’s life.
Dear minorities: Not all white people are racist. Some are, while there are some who care more about civil rights and activism than some minorities. Try to take everyone as they are. If you encounter a racist bastard, address said bastard as such and move on. If you encounter a nice white person, enjoy the encounter and move on…
Oh and…
Dear minorities: Stop self-hating. It’s ugly and worse than the racist white person you may be raging against.
Dear sexist bastard: Your daughter or mother has to deal with your shenanigans and fuckery via other sexist bastards. Please stop being a misogynist pig. Women are just as capable as men when it comes to tasks, jobs, education, etc.
Dear Judgmental people: Stop judging others based on body size, opinions, choice of music, political party affiliation, material possessions, etc. If you have that much time to judge and post Facebook status updates and instagram videos on what people are wearing or doing, is that an indication of how limited, lonely or sad you are? If you need friends, go find some. If you need less judgmental friends, go find those too. They’re out there, I promise.

No one is perfect. I’m sure as hell not. However, I am trying to find my inner peaceful warrior to help me focus on what’s important in my life. In order they are:

Loved ones (humans and non-humans. I love my animal friends too!)
Enjoying great times and creating memories with loved ones and friends.
Living a full and fulfilling life.
What’s on your list?