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If you don’t understand something even after you’ve tried on numerous occasions to understand it or at least gain some insight, then maybe that thing isn’t for you. Why waste your time bashing or insulting the people who get and love it? Or worse yet, those responsible for creating said confusing thing (illegal activities, injustices, and horribly behaved children excluded)?

Television producers, internet dribble gurus, and social media mockery is rampant and usually brimming with hate, and cruel “humor” about one thing or another. Is it really important? Nope! Unless you’re on someone’s payroll or suckling at a teat, why do you care if a celebrity or an artist is insulted or famous or an asshole? And okay, so maybe you care because you’d rather not support an asshole but is that really the reason? Or is the reason that we feel so left out when other people are included, or celebrated, or even paid attention to, because we desire insertion of our mundane lives into theirs?

So what if Iggy Azalea is a successful rapper? Define “success” however you want, then question the real reasons you have a problem with it and her and then address the real issues. Easier said than done? Of course. But we can’t change the world by complaining and not correcting. All talk and no action breeds more Iggy Azaleas. And who wants that?!

So what if you don’t understand Kanye West’s actions? Does he pay you to understand them or do you pay him to be artist? Also, by promoting his antics and spiking his ratings, aren’t we monetarily encouraging?

So what if you don’t understand why #blacklivesmatter is more relevant than #alllivesmatter? Okay, well we can’t fix the world in a day.

“What does Bruce Jenner’s family think of his transition?” Uhmm, who gives a flying fuck about this?

Why do I care so much about what people are intellectually ingesting? Because our digital footprint will define us for future generations. Because I still get asked by LinkedIn if I want to endorse the skills of someone who isn’t alive and someone still shares posts on a dead person’s Facebook page. I don’t get why the social media pages are still in use, but I realize this may be one of those things I just may not get…



1: STOP telling me what I should and shouldn’t share on social media.

none to give credit to giphyIt’s called “SOCIAL MEDIA” for a reason. What you may consider your snarky, biting, witty, quippy, uber intelligent remarks, comments, articles, vines, tweets, tumblr notes, Facebook statuses, Instagram memes, and whatever else is being shared is not necessary. Why? Social media tools and sites are designed to encourage the sharing of information, ideas, opinions, photos, political thoughts, outrage, etc. As humans, these thoughts and opinions will come with some prejudice, some bias, and maybe evne some depressing sh!t on bad days. But to think, no correct that, to have the gall to post a status or meme or whatever telling me what I should think, feel, like, share, or comment on, is not for anyone to decide. It’s my choice. And yes, it’s not a democracy. You can block or curse people out as you wish when they comment at you rudely. And yes, you can also post naked ass photos of your hoohah as you wish. It’s your right to do with your life as you wish, as I will with mine.

2: STOP Trolling.

troll credit to giphyA troll, or troll hole as I like to call it, is when you take your opinion (validated, invalidated, racist, righteous, etc.) and hurl it at other people by attacking them personally, and actively trying to start fights by saying or sharing things that are offensive in an attempt to get a rise out of them and make them unhappy or uncomfortable.

Here’s a mild illustration:

Happy Human: Ooh, look at my sexy boyfriend.

Troll Hole: Die you ass licking fuck3r!

Happy Human: Oh myyyyy*, why so angry?

Troll Hole: Fags will burn in hell *insert some other angry rhetoric, a bible quote, or a sentence so poorly created with horrific grammar and spelling that it makes your eyes burn here*

Happy Human: Ugh, get off my page, you hateful asshole! *this person may then insert some gay ass comment just to annoy the troll hole or someone who is a friend of the happy human may step in at this point and point out and laugh at the flaws in the troll hole’s sentence structure, etc.*

Hopefully, you get the point. Look, if you don’t like an opinion, that’s fine. You may also feel free to state your opposing views on your own page (see ONE above). However, being a troll hole is not allowed.

3: STOP sharing things on social media that you wouldn’t want your employers, or mothers, to know about you.

sexy homer credit to giphy

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in cyberspace is sacred or secret. Sure, snapchat messages may “disappear” but not really. Screenshots and saved messages live on forever. Yes, in #1 I admit saying that if you want to post pics of your junk and spooge all over the interwebs, feel free to do so, unless you don’t want your momma, aunty, drunk uncle Jerry, or your executive director  and coworkers to see it. If you’re cool with airing it all out, pun intended, then post away my friends! And grrrr… 😉

Also, for the more techie side of things, you really should read some of those disclaimers you happily click “agree” on when using apps and websites. The universal “they” know everything about you. Don’t believe me? Google it. Or just ask your local trendy techie. 🙂


4. STOP Holding back on encouragement and love and good energy!

barry stinson high five credit to giphyWe all need a lil encouragement, a push/shove/gentle kick in the right direction at times. Remember that the world is big but it’s made smaller, friendlier and more accessible when we interact and spread love. Hate hurts. Love heals. Social media tools and sites can be used to to unite us, help us understand the true feelings of others, provided they show themselves for who they really are online, and can build bridges to cultures and people we may never be able to meet in person. Use it wisely and funnily and happily ever after. Connect with people who have similar interests and opinions only if you find the depressingly negative people too much to stomach. If you find yourself being demotivated instead of being uplifted, do to social media what you would (or should!) do to in-person conversations and “in real life” friends – kick ’em to the curb! Be kind to yourself and to others. We’re all fighting some kind of demon, battle, or maybe in-law. 😉









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A social media friend sent me a link to a campaign raising funds for “Baltimore Girls”, and what better way, other than wonderful cold, hard cash 🙂 is there to support than to share the campaign via other aspects of social media. Check out the description from the campaign below and support if you can! We need to continuously lift our youth and show that there’s hope for everyone, no matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through, etc.!

Peace, Natasha

“BaltimoreGirls is an anthology of the lives of approximately 7 women and their life experiences attempting to overcome many of the obstacles that women living in Baltimore face.  Each woman has a story dealing with loneliness, isolation, fear, self-esteem, family, suicidal thoughts, seeking love, identity, abandonment, choices, coming out, pregnancy, and pursuit of happiness – embodied by every woman’s tale.  They are the stories of real people finding their own beauty and identity and creating their own sense of self-empowerment and social development.  “BaltimoreGirls” is designed to educate and inspire those seeking to overcome obstacles in their own lives.  This thought provoking array of works will have you amazed and wanting more. 

The “Baltimore Girls” Exhibition is intended to become a travelling art collection and will tour venues locally and throughout the country.  We recognize we need the support of our community to make this vision a reality.  Won’t you please contribute to breathe life into this most important work of art?  We and the National Kidney Foundation need your support.  We have provided several incentives to encourage you to give and give generously.  Please review them and make your contribution as all contributions are appreciated.  Don’t forget to aid us by sharing this link with your friends, family, and organizations you think may have an interest in this most important work.  There is also a sponsorship package available to groups and organization that would like to partner with us to aid in making this event a success. The funds will be used for the venue, enlarging and printing pictures,video production, photographers,marketing and promotional materials,caterer, lighting/display,art supplies and more!…. Your support is greatly appreciated!!!”–4

Sharing an excerpt from my book, “Hungover Poet” which is available here (

Texting ©
by Natasha Ramsey 

He texted me at 3 AM

I woke my sleepy head.

When did 3AM become the new midnight?

Is this man unstable?

When did I tell him I would become available

at 3 AM? I looked at the message,

“I need to see you”, it read.

Groggily I wiped sleep from my eyes

fondly remembering yesterday when he sat on the bench next to me

and texted a message followed by an “LOL”

I wondered, if you can sit next to me and text me,

Why can’t you talk out loud to me?

Another beep, another message, “Text me back if you ‘wake, or better yet

if you’re in bed can I join you there?” This one was followed by a wink and a smile.

He must have thought it necessary to be witty.

After all offering to bed someone just cannot be expressed

with only a few words in a text message,

It must be followed by several emoticons as well.”

Want the rest of the poem?

Read more of “Hungover Poet” which is available here and please let me know what you think! 

Audio sample version from 2009:

Observations – Part 1

I’ve been seeing tons of social media posts about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. over the weekend and today, in particular as today is (for most) the official holiday to celebrate his birthday. This is typically a good thing in my opinion (side note: It’s my blog so most of the opinions expressed herein are my own. If they aren’t I will clearly state it, as I did in “Opinions are like Assholes”.) as many in the U.S. and some parts of the world still do not understand the extent to which his actions and beliefs shaped U.S. history. Yes, you read that right, he helped to shape U.S. history and not just black history or African American history. As I continued to read the posts and messages from certain people/accounts, as well as the comments in response to certain articles or posts, my brain started whirring which means that a poem or something similar is about to start brewing. And to be fair, I think I’ve always had these opinions, I just may not have shared them out loud so here goes! My observations at this time as I continue to be brave:

Good:   I see many Facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr and vine accounts posting these wonderful phrases, statements, beliefs and catch phrases about a remarkable leader, about being a better person, about Dr. King’s legacy, etc.

Bad:       These are the same accounts (people) that at times, post some seriously effed up ratchet-like stuff that do nothing but drag society’s low points even lower during the rest of the year. Well to be fair, they post some nice shit about religion around Easter.

Good:   Some minorities blame some white people for not being more open or receptive to occasions like this or for not knowing all of U.S. history, and more about the contributions made by minorities in this country.

Bad:       Some minorities have NO clue about their own damn history while some continuously make fun of their own history, or go so far as to undersell its importance and contributions.

Good:   Not all white people are racist, prejudiced assholes.

Bad:       Several white people are racist, prejudiced assholes.

Good:   I can avoid assholes who are racist and prejudiced by not interacting with them, or blocking, unfriending or changing the channel, etc. if they’re on social media or the news.

Bad:       I can’t avoid assholes at work, in some social settings, or when they’re splashed all over the news, so I have to learn how to control my temper.

Good:   I can change my habits to support my core beliefs, values, etc. by determining where to spend my hard-earned money, where to boycott, what to watch, which earworm is acceptable, etc.

Bad:       I can’t control the management of some companies, what society throws money at to make it popular, etc.

Good:   I have the opportunity to educate myself on companies, legal practices, history, etc. so that I can make informed decisions about where to shop, etc.

Bad:       It’s sometimes difficult to get some couch protestors to actually DO something about horrible companies, legal practices, etc. other than post messages on social media pages.

Good:   If all someone wants to do is post messages on social media, find a way to use that! Chances are, if that’s their major avenue to interacting with others, they’ve already built a decent networking and/or word of mouth base. Maybe someone who is less couch-potato-like and sees their posts will be the ones to actually do something.

As you see, this list and my thoughts could continue for quite a few pages.  So what else should be added? What are your thoughts?

I post my opinions but try to do so in a way that the written word can convey my happiness, pissedoffedness, fun foolery mindset, etc. Recently, I’ve seen some (more) interesting and strongly worded statements on social media about religion, racism, sexism, religion and in general, how one should behave, respond, react, feel, or act, or wear at any given time. While it’s your right to have an opinion or judge someone else based on thoughts, style of dress, etc., I must ask a question. Ready? Who gave you the all powerful right to judge someone else or more specifically, who gave you the right to judge someone’s life, heart, intention, or opinions?
Dear religious zealots: Who gave you the right to judge others? Also, if you’re a member of a minority group wherever you live or based on you skin tone, life, etc., and you’re one of the people who are judging others, I have to ask, don’t you have enough people against you already? Why go around throwing fire on situations? Believe what you must, but shut da hell up  and let people live their lives.
Dear religious folk who use social media as a pulpit: You can be happy and follow your religion, but really, don’t you think you’re better served not posting only on Sundays, and daring to “call” others out because they don’t share your views? If everything is God’s (or insert your preference here) will, then why question or highlight anything? After all, it is God’s will.
Also, while we’re on this path, why is it that when something good happens, it’s God’s will, but if something bad happens, it’s the devil’s fault? If three great, wonderful, caring people are in a car crash and two live but one dies, I dare you to say it’s God’s will that they lived within ear shot of the parents of the deceased. Why? Because regardless of your beliefs, you need to stop and consider how others will respond when you say something. Also, refer to the paragraph above about God’s will.
Oh, and if all religions believe the other religions are wrong, then by sheer logic, aren’t all religions wrong?
I’m not trying to argue faith as a whole, just highlight the flaws with people’s general statements, and strong, almost “Internet troll-like” ways. After all, more wars were started in the name of religion than for any other reason.
With regard to racism: Every human has flaws. Some are just more flawed than others. Yes, racism exists. Those who aren’t in a minority class may not experience it as much as those who are, but let’s be honest, racism exists and those in the majority class witness it even if they don’t experience it first hand.
Dear white people: There will be numerous topics that you will unfortunately be blamed for, not viewed favorably if you join in, etc. even if you were not directly involved. Yes, it sucks. No, I don’t agree with that line of thinking. But compared to living day in and day out as a minority who experiences racism, consider yourself lucky that that’s all you have to be uncomfortable about. I know all white people don’t have mansions and a million servants but if your reality isn’t that bad, just understand that this is just one of the things your privilege affords you and let this one go. The same way some minorities can’t understand privilege, is the same way you won’t understand how racism acts and words can taint a person’s life.
Dear minorities: Not all white people are racist. Some are, while there are some who care more about civil rights and activism than some minorities. Try to take everyone as they are. If you encounter a racist bastard, address said bastard as such and move on. If you encounter a nice white person, enjoy the encounter and move on…
Oh and…
Dear minorities: Stop self-hating. It’s ugly and worse than the racist white person you may be raging against.
Dear sexist bastard: Your daughter or mother has to deal with your shenanigans and fuckery via other sexist bastards. Please stop being a misogynist pig. Women are just as capable as men when it comes to tasks, jobs, education, etc.
Dear Judgmental people: Stop judging others based on body size, opinions, choice of music, political party affiliation, material possessions, etc. If you have that much time to judge and post Facebook status updates and instagram videos on what people are wearing or doing, is that an indication of how limited, lonely or sad you are? If you need friends, go find some. If you need less judgmental friends, go find those too. They’re out there, I promise.

No one is perfect. I’m sure as hell not. However, I am trying to find my inner peaceful warrior to help me focus on what’s important in my life. In order they are:

Loved ones (humans and non-humans. I love my animal friends too!)
Enjoying great times and creating memories with loved ones and friends.
Living a full and fulfilling life.
What’s on your list?