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The moment. Yep, that instant when you realize that no matter what happens in your life, to you, or around you, that you’ll be alright. Have you had that moment? If not, hang in there, it’s coming.

I had a series of rather unfortunate events for awhile that for personal reasons shall stay private. Just know they were both personal and professional. Then, I decided to take chances and to take control, or rather, set and define my life by putting a detailed plan in place and trying my darndest to follow it. I added several heavy rotational doses of love, happiness and acceptance of people and situations, even for the negative aspects and disheartening pieces and tried hard on a daily basis, to see the good side of everything even when the bad side was punching me on my ears.

I’m not gonna lie. There were a few sleepless nights and a few, “Oh f*ck! What AM I doing?!” thoughts. But really, I hadn’t slept well in about a few years anyway so what’s a few more nights?

Then…then! I had the craziest and most interesting life affirming set of responses. I not only had random people show me kindness and good times, I was reminded by those close to me, of how much I’m loved and respected.

So, moral of my Thankful Thursday story is to remember to take chances. Maybe mix that creative spirit with a solid plan and see what happens. Tell the people you admire, respect and love that you admire, respect and love them. Remember to appreciate them not only at Thanksgiving time every year. Hell, go on an adventure, even if it’s only in your mind at first. Who knows, maybe your feet will follow. Whatever your dream, start following it!

If not, then why are you just here, just existing?


Giving thanks and food was the #1 topic in the U.S this past week. It coincides nicely with this post in my Wonderful Humans series. This wonderful human is someone I’m thankful to have in my life as a friend and fellow lover of good food and drink, Mara L. I measure friends in many ways, some of which include being fun, caring, thoughtful and generous and of these traits, she is all, and then some. She made the list not only because she’s a friend, but because she is a person with one of the biggest hearts that I’ve met in awhile, but not in a bad medical way or anything, and because she loves to feed strays like me!

This woman’s home kitchen skills is like going to a fancy, organic (soup?) kitchen for working folks with discernible palettes. I joke about the soup kitchen aspect because she feeds us for free and expects nothing in return. The meals she prepares are always nutritious and tasty with farm to table ingredients that are prepared in a variety of yummy ways. Let’s see, there’s been numerous ethnic styles of dishes and to top it off, or rather, whet our appetites for the middle eastern styled meal at a recent dinner, she hired a belly dancer to perform. Let’s just pause here for a second and take a poll. How many people have been to someone’s  home where they were treated to a surprise belly dancer performance? I didn’t think so…oh, and just ‘cause I know y’all, no, strippers don’t count.

While the free food and filling of my belly should be enough to fill this post, this is just one of the reasons I consider her a wonderful human. When so many were worried about the economy and the troubles that would befall them, she still opened her home up on numerous Saturday evenings to friends and their friends and significant others for dinner, without asking for anything in return. She wanted to continue perfecting her already amazing cooking skills and to find a way to connect with friends outside of social media.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of living out loud and having fun, let’s just say that if fire-hooping and fun dance parties sound appealing, you and she have similar spirits. For those wondering, because I really do know some of my blog readers, she is a real person and not just an imaginary friend or firehooping fantasy in my head. Pfft.

What else…? Ah yes, how could I forget?! Kidding! I can’t forget to share that her husband is just as kind, cool and a friend as well. If not, how else would we still be eating free of charge at her house? 🙂 Goes to show that good people do attract other good people.

Oh, and just to show that not only do we eat and drink, which, let’s face it, is about 80% of what we do, they supported me at not just one of my mild and mellow, burn some sage and other incense at a poetry reading. No, these two were almost in the middle of the melee when a poetry partner and I hosted a poetry show at the Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles restaurant, where obnoxious bar patrons heckled the poets all through the night. Granted, the show was sponsored by the alcohol, Patron. Needless to say, I never want to host a supposed mellow poetry show sponsored by alcohol again…I will just continue to take it in boxes to their house for the dinner parties!

Yes, some may say that this is just a post about a friend and yes, while it is, it’s a post that will hopefully remind us to enjoy some of the (dare I say, more?) important things in life such as having enough, and at times, too much, food in this country, and to hopefully, pay the kindness forward, and above all, cherish the wonderful humans in your life. Don’t wait for the holidays to show appreciation for what you have, do it every day.