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The AcesIn twenty-five minutes, Gigi passed into the MaricopaCounty. Chandler looked like New York City compared to Tucson. Chandler had lights, four-lane highways, and the music on the radio was more up-to-date. When Gigi entered the city, she felt alive and wished she never moved to the boring city of Tucson, where people believed they were still living in the 1800s when the cowboys and Indians were in fashion. She drove to Rachel’s townhouse and parked next to her car.

“We’re here. See, we made it in forty-five minutes,” Gigi said.

Carey smiled, Philip walked out of the truck like a zombie, and Peter threw up outside.

“That’s driving. Sometimes when I drive in Germany, I pick up the speed. You’re a good driver,” Carey said.

“Thanks,” Gigi said with a smile. One of her dreams was to drag race trucks, SUVs, and cars.

Gigi looked over at Peter and asked, “Are you okay?”

“When I’m in the car with you, please don’t drive like that. You’re a maniac.”

“Okay, old man,” Gigi teased.

Gigi saw how Peter was looking at her and she knew he meant business, but Gigi had to laugh at him. When he first arrived on the media scene he was the wild boy, playboy, the freak in the spotlight, now since he was adding meaning to his life, he was calm and didn’t take chances anymore.

Gigi walked to Rachel’s house and they followed her.  She opened the door as if she owned the place and Rachel’s daughter was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Hi, sweet pea,” Gigi said to the girl.

“Auntie!” the girl shouted. The girl ran toward Gigi and Gigi picked her up.

“Rachel, Peter needs to borrow your bathroom.”

“Fine,” Rachel yelled from the back of the house.

“Peter, the bathroom is down the hall on your right,” Gigi directed. “Carey and Philip, you can sit on the couch.”

Carey inspected Rachel’s house and noticed that it wasn’t the cleanest. There were stains on the carpet, food and crumbs on the throw blanket, and food stuck to the glass coffee table. Carey signaled Gigi to come closer to him and asked, “How many children does Rachel have?”


Carey’s mouth opened wide and Philip just laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” Rachel asked, coming into the room.

“You have five dang kids?” Philip asked.

“Shut up about my children, at least I know their fathers and they don’t have your disease,” Rachel said to Philip.

Philip looked at her without emotion. He sat back on the couch like a lump of coal.

Gigi laughed while holding the youngest of Rachel’s children in her arms. While she played peek-a-boo with the girl, Carey saw a different side of Gigi altogether.

Peter walked out of the bathroom and saw Gigi holding the girl. The scene reminded him of his wife and kids. He sat between the two actors.

“You want to hold her?” Gigi asked Peter.


Gigi handed over the girl to Peter and she sat on Peter’s lap.

“You boat guy,” the three year old said to him.


Carey and Peter talked to the little girl while Philip watched a movie. He realized that he was watching a movie that he starred in.

“See guys, I can act,” Philip said to everyone in the room.

They stared at the television for a moment and then started to talk with the girl again, ignoring Philip.

Gigi went toward the back of the house where the kitchen was located. “Girl, what’s up?” Gigi asked.

“You tell me. Boyfriend is with you,” Rachel said, while Gigi sat on the stool at the table. “So, do you like him?” Rachel asked.


“Yes, you do. You hesitated. You do,” Rachel insisted.

“He lives in England.”

“So, he can move to Arizona. My kids can call him Uncle Carey. You two can baby-sit my demon kids. Uncle Carey, I like the ring to that,” Rachel teased.

“Shut up. You know who I’m in love with,” Gigi said.

“He’s not going to come around. You can wish all you want. He likes you, but he’s not man enough.”

“Like your last baby’s daddy?” Gigi questioned.

“Girl, I told you that was a mistake, but I got a good-looking child out of it. Maybe Uncle Carey can put his new nieces and nephews in movies.”

“Carey doesn’t like me, okay?” Gigi said, becoming irritated with her friend. She had been doing this since the banquet. Now, since Carey was in her living room, she had to go beyond the call of duty.

“Yes, he does. Think about it, after you insulted him, he still came running after you. He has fame, money, and I think he’s the type of man who will treat you right. I’m going to tell you damn straight and I mean what I say, you don’t deserve to have another Shawn in your life. You deserve better.”

“You’re right, but I’m scared to enter into another relationship. I’m afraid it will end up the same way it did with Shawn,” Gigi confessed.

“Baby, just fall in. Fall in.”

Gigi knew she was right. Shawn was a piece of work that she dealt with for six years. During the six years, she was in mental pain, cried a lot, wanted to die, and was a miserable person to herself. She thought that if she was still in the relationship, things would change, but as the saying goes, a woman can’t change a man.

The two girls walked into the living room. “Mommy, I’m playing with the boat guys,” the little girl said.

“I see you,” Rachel said sweetly.

“See, I’m in the movie,” Philip said to Rachel while pointing to the TV.

Rachel looked at him and remembered that he wasn’t all there in the brain. “Yes, Philip. You are in the movie. Good boy.”

Philip’s famous smile appeared on his face and he wanted everyone in the room to look at him on the TV set.

“Philip, we need to go,” Gigi said.

“No, I want to watch myself,” Philip said, sulking. “Who’s going to take care of the girl?” Peter asked.

“I’m going to take her to the babysitter’s. His house is on the way.”

“Rachel, he’s not coming?” Gigi asked, like there was no one in the room.

“No, he has to work,” Rachel said with a smile.

“You’re telling me he trusts you to go to a club with me and some actors? Are you telling me that?”

“Yes, I am. Now let’s go. Get to steppin’,” Rachel told everyone.

“Gigi, please don’t speed,” Peter pleaded.

“Yes, Dad.”

The group walked out into the parking lot where the cars were parked.

“Rachel, watch where you step. Peter threw up near your car,” Gigi warned.

“He couldn’t handle it in his old age,” Rachel said.

“Stop it you two,” Peter yelled.

Peter, Carey, and Philip got into the truck and Rachel and her daughter got into her car. Rachel drove off and Gigi followed her.

“She has five kids and she looks like that?” Carey asked.

“She’s a cool mother. Her kids respect her because she tells them her mistakes that she made in life. When I first met her, she told me that she had kids; I didn’t believe her. She looks young and she’s still thin,” Gigi said.

“She’s a black mommy.  Juicy black mommy,” Philip said.

Gigi looked at him in her rear view mirror. He smiled back and blew her a kiss.

Gigi continued to follow Rachel to a section of Tempe. They drove into a parking lot.

“Who lives here?” Carey asked.

“My boyfriend,” Gigi said.

“I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend?” Carey asked.

“You’ll see.”

Gigi and the actors followed Rachel and her daughter into the elevator onto the third floor. They walked down an outside hallway overlooking the parking lot. Rachel rang the doorbell and waited. The door cracked and she said, “We have company.”

“Who?” the person at the door asked.

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About Aliya Leigh

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner. Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me –Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.



The Aces“It’s Peter.”

Carey sighed with relief because he did not want Philip barging into his trailer. He did not have time to deal with him. He let Peter in. “Lock the door behind you,” Carey said while lying down on his living room floor.

“Your back again?” Peter questioned.

“I thought you were Philip when you knocked. I jumped up from the bed too fast.”

“I’m sorry. I should have told you who I was before I knocked.”

“That’s fine. I just need a few minutes on the floor,” Carey said.

As soon as Peter turned the lock he said, “The girl named Sub-Zero is on her way. She’s willing to drive us to Phoenix. She says that we can stay at her parents’ house overnight. Mike says we’re in good hands. Do you have some of your clothes here?”

“Yes, in the bedroom.”

Peter sat down so they could talk. “Peter, I can’t stop thinking about her. I think she’s acting.”

“What? We thought Philip was acting; look at him. He’s retarded. I heard rumors about her. She loves to irritate people for fun; it’s like her high, her drug. Look at how she treated you and Shawn. I mean, she went below the belt with Shawn; I even felt the pain. Why do you want a woman who will torment you? Are you into that?” Peter asked.

“No. The way she danced though, I could see her true self. Something she does not want the world to see. I can understand how she feels. I think she wants people to think she is rude, but that is not her.”

“Listen, I will help you find Gigi after the trip to Phoenix. Maybe Sub-Zero knows her since Gigi is also a screenwriter. They probably travel in the same circles.”

“I hope so.”

Philip was bored out of his mind. In his trailer, he had a television, stereo, and computer that he didn’t know how to turn on, and several board games. He just didn’t want to be in the trailer. Carey and Peter had their door locked; the crew didn’t want to talk to him; Mike was with his assistant; and Larry was working on the movie script. Philip skipped over to Mike to see if he would play with him. He figured since he invested money in the film, Mike would do anything for him.

“Mike, Mike. How are you? I’m fine. How’s the movie?  Working hard? I bet you’re taking a break,” Philip said in one breath.

Mike was trying to ignore him by writing on his pad, but Philip stood in front of him like a statue. This standoff lasted for one minute before Mike couldn’t take anymore. He felt like sending Philip to his parents, maybe they would be happy to finally have the son they always wanted.

“Hi Philip. Why don’t you sit down and cool yourself off before Sub-Zero gets here.”

“Okay. I will do it for you,” Philip said to Mike and walked over to Carey’s trailer.

“I shouldn’t have taken his money to make the film,” Mike said to Larry and continued to write on his pad.

Carey and Peter walked out of the trailer together and Philip looked at them.

This can’t be right. Peter is trying to have a relationship with him while I should be at his side. He’s cute. What should I do? Philip asked himself.

Philip stared at the ground and then jumped up off the ground and danced a little. He took out his cell phone from his jeans pocket and unfolded it.

“Arthur, hello?”

“Hi, my name is Philip Morey. Are you good with helping actors?”

“Philip Morey, how can I help you?” Arthur asked.

“You know public relations?”

“Yes, for a price,” Arthur said.

“Good. How much?”

“What do you have?”

“I can give you thirty thou,” Philip said.


“I can transfer the money into your account with the ATM.”

“Fine,” Arthur says.

“What’s the scoop on Carey?”

“He loves men,” Arthur blurted.

“I knew he was gay. He’s European. I don’t know why he says he was raised in England. Maybe he’s embarrassed. See, gay is in. I want to be Philip the Great. You can help me,” Philip said.

“Yes,” Arthur agreed.

“Good. I will wire the money to you tonight. We’ll be good friends.”

Philip folded up his phone and smiled. He looked up in the sky and saw the sun smiling at him. He skipped over to Peter and Carey.

“I’m going to be great!” Philip announced, as he did a little dance.

Peter rolled his eyes. “Okay, but bring some clothes. We’re going to stay at Sub-Zero’s parents’ house tonight.”

Philip jumped and clapped his hands. He disappeared inside his trailer. Peter wanted him to disappear forever.

“What is he on?” Peter asked Carey.

Carey shrugged because he could not figure out Philip for the life of him. His acting on set was excellent. How he portrayed a character was amazing. But in real life, Philip was an idiot.

“I wish he gets sick before Sub-Zero gets here,” Carey said.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Peter said.

Philip ran out of his trailer and toward the two men and said, “Where’s the driver? I bet we can walk to Phoenix.”

“No. Phoenix is a hundred miles away from here. If you want to that’s fine with me,” Peter said.

Peter laughed because it reminded him of dealing with Mackay. Mackay would say or do outrageous things to get a rise out of him. Peter didn’t know if Philip was acting as if he was stupid or not, but Philip just reminded him of home and how he missed his family.

“Philip, please sit down. We cannot walk to Phoenix. It takes an hour to drive there, okay?”

“Okay, Mr. Peter,” Philip said with a deep voice.

Philip walked over to his seat, which was far away from the two actors. He sulked in his chair like a child whose parents told him that he couldn’t play outside with his friends.

“He acts worse than my kids,” Peter said.

“Please, don’t insult the kids,” Carey said.

In the distance, they saw a white Ford Explorer park near the set. Mike walked over to the truck and yelled, “She’s here.”

A black girl in hospital scrubs without any shoes on jumped out of the driver’s side of the truck. She ran over to Mike and gave him a big hug. They walk toward the actors with their arms around each other.

“Guys, this is Sub-Zero,” Mike said.

Carey dropped his bag to the ground and looked at Sub-Zero in shock. Peter moved over to Carey and said, “Man, you need to close your mouth.”

Carey nodded and tried his best to bring himself together with his emotions. Philip got up and walked over to Sub-Zero and said, “Okay, driver. You’re late. Now get into the car and drive us to Phoenix.”

“God, please strike me dead. God, please. Have mercy on my soul,” Sub-Zero said.

“Gigi Meekins, you need to respect him,” Mike said.

“But…” Gigi started.

“But nothing. Respect,” Mike said again.

Gigi bowed her head and took a deep breath. She was happy that Carey was there and how he reacted when she appeared. She knew Carey would warm up to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, although she was in love with Adam. She had dreams about Carey and how he had the ability to treat her like a princess; something she longed for in her life. She couldn’t help but smile in Carey’s direction; she knew Carey saw it. For the first time in a long time, Gigi was nervous around a man. On a daily basis, she was always around men, including her closest friends, but Carey seemed different. Carey captured her heart. She had heard and read rumors about him, but knew she had a chance to get to know the true Carey.

“Let’s go,” Peter said, as he watched the both of them grinning stupidly at each other.

“I have to take them to Phoenix?” Gigi asked Mike after she got her mind clear of Carey.

“Yes. Dude, take good care of them, as I know you will,” Mike said.

“I have to take the Euro, too?” Gigi asked, as she sulked like a child who didn’t want to do chores.

“Yes, his name is Carey, not Euro.”

“I know. Carey, have you learned a New York accent yet? How did you get to star in this movie? Did you have to use a condom?” Gigi said.

In a split second, Carey’s gooey smile turned into a frown. Peter heard the blow and said to Carey, “Below the belt. You love torture.”

Carey looked at Gigi and wanted to kill her with his bare hands. One second they were staring at each other like two birds and the next second she was insulting him. Mike gave Gigi a look.

“Okay. Let’s go. Philip you sit in the back,” Gigi commanded.

“I should sit in the back. You’re the driver. You have to drive me to Phoenix,” Philip says to Gigi and skipped to the truck. He jumped in and closed the door.

The two actors walked over to her truck, as Gigi hugged Mike goodbye. Everyone was in the truck and Gigi said, “I have to stop at my house. I need to take a shower and get some clothes. Philip, if you make one stupid remark or even say anything, you’ll be walking to Phoenix. Understand?”

“Yes, black mommy,” Philip said. He zipped his mouth with an imaginary key and asked Gigi to roll down the window so he could throw it away.

Carey sat next to Gigi. She moved closer to him and whispered, “How old is he?”


“I’m twenty-eight, now I’m scared.”

Gigi drove to her house on River and Oracle. She didn’t have plans to go to Phoenix today, but since they were paying for her gas, it gave her motivation to drive up there. She wanted to stay home, do her homework, finish her book, and go to the movies with Cinda, who was her movie partner and best friend in this boring city. She met Cinda in a pottery class at college; they were partners in class and then became good friends. They spoke together almost every day. Cinda had edited some of her books and stories when her regular editor was backlogged with work.

Gigi picked up her phone and called Cinda. “Hello,” Gigi sang.


“Are you busy?” Gigi asked.


“I have Carey Roland, Peter Right, and Philip Morey in my car. I’m driving them to Phoenix, you want to join us?”

“I can’t.”

“No, come on,” Gigi urged.

“Are you driving them to your house now?”

“Yes. I’m driving them to my house now. I have to take a shower.”

“Who else did you call?”

“Just you. I have to call Ms. Rachel later. But you’re coming over anyway, right?”

“Of course.”


Gigi folded her phone and put it back in the cup holder.

“You’re going to put us on display?” Carey asked Gigi.

“No. Cinda wants to ask you about Young Boys and she wants Peter’s autograph. She won’t be able to come to Phoenix with us. She has something to do.”

“You trust her?” Carey asked.

“She’s my friend, of course,” Gigi said.

“Is Ms. Rachel the girl you brought to the banquet?” Peter asked.

“Yes, that’s my girl.”

“This is going to be a fun day. She lives here?” Peter asked.

“No. In Chandler near Phoenix.”

Gigi continued to drive to her house with the three actors in her truck. Philip was looking out the window as if he was a child going to Disneyland. Peter and Carey were looking at the sites through the busy country town. Peter saw families walking together and he imagined his own.

Although Peter occasionally liked to get away from the kids and his wife, he still missed his family life in France. His kids were the center of his life and he enjoyed every minute of it. But the problem was with his wife. He loved Paulette, but he wondered if the magic was gone. He sometimes blamed the fact that she didn’t want to leave her family and move to America, but sometimes he blamed himself for being selfish. He left her with the kids for two to three months to perform in an American movie, knowing she was in a rock band and had to go to the recording studio to make music. He blamed himself that he put his career over his wife’s, and she was willing to accept the ordeal. At this point, he realized America was his mistress and felt like he was cheating on his family with her.

Gigi drove through a gate and parked her truck in front of a townhouse. She got out and the actors followed her lead. The townhouses surrounding them were different, and had bold, vibrant colors, which made them stand out from each other. Gigi’s townhouse was painted corn yellow, the townhouse next door was painted grass green, and the townhouse across the street was painted Indian red. Everyone lived in a two-story house, with desert landscape in their front yards and a two-car garage. Gigi walked over to the front door and opened it. The townhouse had a sense of home with tan carpets, a black iron entertainment center that held her PlayStation 2, thirty inch screen television, her mini-sound system, two surround sound speakers, and DVD’s and CD’s. She has a futon and a lazy boy chair in next to the sliding clear window to her patio and the view of the mountain landscape.

Philip said, “You must be poor. You live in a shack.”

Gigi looked at him and wanted to say something to hurt his feelings, but Peter said, “It’s not worth it.”

“Philip, I told you to be quiet. I guess you found your key,” Gigi said.

“Yes, because we’re not in the car.”

“You’re right, anyway,” Gigi said to Philip. “Make yourself at home. The bathroom is in the master bedroom.  There’s food and drinks in the refrigerator. The glasses are over there,” Gigi said, while pointing at a cabinet.  “And there’s a microwave over there. Okay?” Looking at the actors she added, “By the way, if you hear a knock, you can open the door, it’ll be Cinda. I’ll be upstairs.”

“Thanks,” Carey said to Gigi.

Peter went into the kitchen to get something to drink. He looked into the refrigerator and saw cases of Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and lemonade. He took a bottle of Gatorade and closed the door. He walked into the living room to look at her DVD collection and said, “This girl loves movies. Look Carey, she has at lest forty DVDs. I wonder when she gets the time to watch these movies,” Peter said, sitting down on the couch.

Unfortunately, Philip sat next to him and started to talk. Peter ignored his sayings about the afterlife, past lives, and eating meat and just stared through the sliding door to see the mountains in the distance.

Carey went into the master bedroom to use the bathroom. It looked like a desert paradise with sand in the tub.

Carey sat on the toilet seat thinking about Gigi. He knew he liked men, but there was something about this woman that made him want to have a relationship with her. Before leaving the room, he saw a cat out of the corner of his eye. He followed the cat, but the cat dashed under the bed to hide from the stranger. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He walked over to the two men and lay on the floor.

“Carey, why are you lying on the floor?” Philip asked.

“I need back support,” Carey said.

“I can support your back,” Philip said.

Carey looked at him and then at Peter. Peter shrugged because he didn’t want to pursue the conversation.

“I don’t need you to support my back. I am fine,” Carey said.

There was a knock on the door and Philip skipped over to open it. Standing there was a tall white girl with dark straight blonde hair to her shoulders. She was thin and had on a T-shirt and sweat pants.

“Wow, you’re hot. How old are you?” Philip asked the woman.

“I’m thirty years old, so I’m too young for you. You go out with hundred-year-old women. Is it for the senior citizen discount? If so, I feel sorry for you,” the woman said to Philip.

The woman walked in and told Philip to close the door.  He obeyed like a child. She walked into the living room and saw Carey and Peter.

“You must be Cinda,” Carey said to the woman getting up off the floor.

“You’re right. You still have an English accent. How the hell did you get into Young Boys? First, the movie was bad and second did your movie family realize you were British and not American?” Cinda asked.

“I shall not answer anything,” Carey said.

“He’s not British. He comes from Europe,” Philip said to Cinda.

“Idiot, when a person is British they come from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is located in Europe.  Now, I need twenty dollars from you,” Cinda said to Philip as she sat on the futon.


“I just gave you a damn geography lesson. You need to pay me.”

“What you said isn’t right. I’m smart. I’m special.  Carey is from Europe.”

“Philip, yes, you’re right. The gossip news is right too,” Cinda said.

“See, I am smart,” Philip said.

“Anyway, Peter, I love your movies. I love how you adapt to an accent, unlike your friend here,” Cinda said.

“Leave him alone,” Peter said angrily.

“You don’t understand. He wasted my time and money.  Yes, there’s nothing to do here but to watch movies, see dumb people walking on the streets, make fun of the American government, and watch the crap on television. But we thought the movie would be entertaining, but it was stupid,” Cinda said.

“You must not bother Carey over these things,” Peter admonished.

“I want to know if he will be in better movies.” Cinda looked at Carey. “Carey you’re a good actor, but please for the sake of God, pick better roles.”

“Right,” Carey said to Cinda.

“Peter, can I have your autograph in my book, please?”

“Yes, but stop talking bad about Carey,” Peter said.

“Will do.”

“Do you want my autograph?” Carey asked.

“You’re not that important, but what the hell. Sign your pretty girly little name in there.”

Peter gave Cinda a hard look. Cinda was an outspoken woman who didn’t give a damn who listened to her. She liked to be heard and asked for praise of who agreed with her. Cinda voiced her opinion and complained about everything under the sun.

“How about me?” Philip asked.

“Do you know how to write your name? Do you know how to spell?” Cinda asked Philip in a baby voice.

“Yes, give me your book,” Philip said like a child.

Cinda took an autograph book out of her purse and gave it to Philip. After signing his name, he gave the book back to Cinda. Looking at Philip’s signature, she tried her best not to laugh, but the signature looked like a three-year-old wrote it. She passed the book to Peter and then to Carey. Carey gave the book to Cinda and sat back down on the futon.

Cinda smiled at the two actors and when she looked at Philip, she gave him a confused look because Philip was playing with her shoelaces. She moved her feet and he stopped. Cinda just shook her head in disappointment at this man. Carey watched as Gigi walked down the stairs and into the living room. Her black hair with brown and golden highlights was curly and cascaded down her back. She had on a black tank top and brown shorts. Carey stared at her legs; they looked powerful but sexy. Carey’s eyes moved up to her chest and he had to put his hands over his eyes to control himself. Cinda looked at the drama and started to laugh. Gigi turned around to Cinda and gave her a big hug.

“So, did you have fun?” Gigi asked Cinda.

“Lots. They listened to my opinions,” Cinda said.

“Yes, we did,” Peter agreed.

“Well, now you know how the other people feel,” Gigi said to the group.

“Okay, let’s go. Cinda, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Gigi asked. She didn’t know what Cinda had to do that was more important than hanging out in Phoenix with Rachel, her, and three mega stars. In Gigi’s mind, this should be Cinda’s dream come true. She had always wanted to be popular or to be around the most rich and famous, like Gigi. She figured that the errands Cinda had to do must be important for her to miss out on this opportunity.

“Yes, I’m afraid so. I wish I can, but I can’t. I have a list of things I need to get done,” Cinda explained.

“Okay. I’ll tell Ms. Rachel that you were thinking about her.”

“No, tell that crazy girl she needs to get her act together,” Cinda said.

“You know I know, but she doesn’t. We can only hope for the best,” Gigi said.

“Keep these men in line when you go up there.”

Cinda got up from the chair and hugged Gigi again then left. Gigi unfolded her phone and speed dialed Rachel’s phone number. She knew that she was home resting from the club scene last night.

“Girl, what’s up?” Gigi asked.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m bringing the guys,” Gigi said.

“What guys?”

“Philip, Carey, and Peter.”

“No. The actors?”


“Where are they now?”

“At my house,” Gigi said.

“Okay. We have to take them to Club D.”

“Party, party. Where do you want to meet me at?”

“I’ll meet you at your house, and then we have to see my boyfriend, my everything,” Gigi said.

“What about Adam?”

“Forget about him, I’ll call him tomorrow. Okay. I’m leaving the house now. Give me thirty-five to forty-five minutes.”

“You’re crazy. You’re going to get them sick.”

“I know. Bye.”

Gigi folded up her phone and put it in her bag.

“Who was that?” Carey asked.

“Ms. Rachel,” Gigi said.

“Why did you tell her thirty-five to forty-five minutes? It takes an hour or so to get to the Phoenix area,” Peter said.

“Well, you have never driven with me. So let’s go.”

“Philip honey, we’re leaving now,” Gigi said to the child looking at the mountains in the distance. Philip got up from the floor like an obedient child. The other two actors walked out the door and Philip followed them. Gigi swung her laundry bag over her shoulder and walked outside. She put all her stuff in the truck and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Now, you guys are going to pay for my gas and give me a tip, right?” Gigi asked.

“Yes,” they said in agreement.

“Now Carey, since you’re up front, your job is to watch for cops ahead of me. Peter, look around for cops around me and Philip, go to sleep.”

“What?” Carey asked.

“Just do it,” Gigi commanded.

Carey and Peter looked at each other because they didn’t know what was in store for them.

Gigi got on the I-10 going toward Phoenix and she sped and weaved in and out of traffic. When the traffic was light she stepped on the pedal going just under 100 miles per hour. The phone rang and she picked it up. Carey and Peter looked at her in amazement and fear.

“What, girl?” Gigi asked.

“Where are you?”

“Casa Grande. Give me twenty minutes,” Gigi said.


“Peace.” Gigi folded the phone and put it in the cup holder. “We’re going to have a lot fun tonight,” Gigi said.

“If we get there in one piece,” Peter said.

End of Chapter 6. More to come on Wednesday!

About Aliya Leigh

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner. Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me –Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

The AcesNo, I’m not.”
“Okay. When a customer sees you walking around, they want your autograph. Why do you think we get more business at this branch than the others?”
“Please stop it. By the way, I have a chapter for you.”
Gigi gave him a group of typed up papers. Jeremy

The Aces 

Okay. My hotel is in walking distance,” Gigi said.

Peter and Carey stood up and Gigi walked out from behind the bar. Peter whispered something in Carey’s ear.

“You kids just go. Carey, I’ll be at the hotel if you need anything.”  

Peter left the restaurant and Carey stood with Gigi.  He didn’t know what he was getting himself into or who this girl was, but he desired her accent.

 “Shall we go?” Carey asked.

“Sure,” Gigi replied. 

Carey walked to the door and opened it for Gigi. She thanked him and he followed her lead.

The late afternoon rush to the shops was underway. People had their bags in both hands and were walking in and out of shops like the world was going to end tomorrow.

Carey and Gigi walked down the block with the crowd. Ahead of them was the hotel. When they arrived in the lobby, it looked like a palace with palms trees inside. 

“This hotel looks better than mine,” Carey laughed.

“Oh,” Gigi answered back in a questionable tone.

The floor in the lobby was tan marble. There were two palm trees planted on both sides of the door. The front desk looked like it was carved out of stone marble as well as the stairs leading up. There were stone benches sitting silently beyond the front desk. 

Carey looked at Gigi and then at the lobby area. He was trying to figure out how she could afford this.

“Okay. You can stay in the lobby or come up to my room. It doesn’t matter to me,” Gigi said to Carey.

Carey thought of what to do. If he stayed in the lobby, he would attract attention. If he followed Gigi to her room, what would happen there? Carey looked at her with a hint of caution in his eyes, but he felt comfortable around her. 

“Carey, what do you want to do? I don’t have all the time in the world like you, you know.”

“I am a gentleman,” Carey said with a serious face.

Gigi laughed at him. He questioned her with his eyes.

“Oh, please. You are not that good-looking. The reason I mentioned my room is that I know you don’t want to bring attention to yourself. If you’re waiting on the bench in the lobby that may bring some attention and I don’t want Sandra to think you’re cheating on her. Right now, it’s the afternoon rush; no one cares at this moment.”

“I am sorry. You know a lot about how entertainers act,” Carey said.

“You just know. Follow me.”

Carey followed Gigi to the elevators. Carey looked around his environment and Gigi looked at him.

“What are you doing?” Gigi asked.

“Looking around,” Carey said with one of Gigi’s attitude looks.

“You’re standing too close to me and stop looking around. You’re not even wearing a hat and sunglasses, you know,” Gigi pointed out.

Carey looked at her surprised. He took her advice and just stared at the floor not saying a word. When the elevator reached the ground level, it opened wide. People streamed out, as if the elevator were filled with water and Gigi, Carey, and other people standing behind them were pushed about like algae in the sea.   

“There are cams,” Gigi whispered to Carey, as she walked onto the elevator. 

Carey followed her lead, but he stood away from her and continued to look at the floor. Gigi was close to the floor buttons on the wall of the elevator.

When the elevator reached the twelfth floor, the door opened. Carey and Gigi pushed through the tight little crowd until they got out. Carey acted like he didn’t know Gigi and Gigi did the same. When Gigi opened her hotel room door, they both looked around in the hallway. The hallway seemed clear, so they both scooted in the room quickly. 

“Okay. This is the tour,” Gigi said.  

Carey looked around the room; it was more of an apartment than a room. There was a living room, dining room, kitchen, and by the looks of it, a bathroom was in the bedroom. The room looked better than his. 

“I shall sit in the living room,” Carey announced.

         “Okay. I have bottles of juice in the fridge.”

         “Thank you.”

In the living room, the walls were painted bone white with gold trim. The carpet was soft and deep. Carey took off his shoes and his feet fell deep into the colored sea. The loveseat and the chair were colored in an array of browns. In the middle of the living room, there was a glass coffee table. Carey saw a white loose-leaf notebook on it. He took a closer look at the notebook. It had the title “New York Minute” on the front. 

“What is this?” Carey asked out loud.

Carey wanted to pick it up but he didn’t want to look through her things. He looked around to shift his attention away from the notebook, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Who is this woman?” Carey whispered.

Gigi walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. She saw the notebook on the coffee table, closed her eyes tight, and opened them again. Carey stared at Gigi. She had on a tight brown and black T-shirt with torn, light blue jeans.

“What’s wrong?” Gigi asked.

“You know about the movie, New York Minute?”

“Oh, the notebook on the table,” Gigi said stalling. “Oh yeah, I’m trying out for the part of the girl,” Gigi continued.

“Really, I am auditioning for the lead in the part,” Carey said.

“The New York accent. I got it,” Gigi said.

         “Yes, you see. I need your accent,” Carey replied.

“I see.”

“Who is your agent?” Carey asked.

“She doesn’t like me to mention her name.”

Carey was confused because agents always wanted to be noticed in the media; they were always looking for clients. If an agent didn’t want to be known in the business, they had a bad reputation or they were not legit.

“How much do you pay the agent?” Carey asked curiously.

         “Nothing, she gets ten percent of my earnings,” Gigi said with confidence. 

To Carey, that deal wasn’t bad. His agent got thirty percent of all of his earnings and his manager got thirty percent. Plus, he had to pay his spokesperson, personal assistant, and accountant. Half of his own earnings went to the people who worked for him. Gigi’s agent just getting ten percent for what she made, he wanted to be a client. Maybe he didn’t have to work so hard. 

“Can we go?” Gigi asked.


“Remember, we don’t know each other,” Gigi said.

“Wait, I need to go to the bathroom.”


Carey walked to the bathroom and closed the door. He sat on the toilet seat to think about the situation. If Gigi were a new actress in the media world, she would want to be seen with me, right? If she were seen with me, then she would be popular.

Carey took a deep breath and stood up. As a habit, he flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He opened the door and walked toward Gigi. “Shall we?” Carey asked.


Stepping out the front door, Gigi put on her sunglasses and waited for the elevator. When it arrived she got on. As soon as the elevator doors shut, Carey peeked out of the room and into the hallway. He started to walk out of the room, but he stared at notebook on the table. He shook his head and walked to the elevators. Arriving in the lobby, he looked for Gigi. He saw her in the gift shop buying something. He stared at her, hoping she could feel his eyes on her and like magic she glanced at him with her sunglasses on and nodded at him showing recognition. Carey walked out of the hotel and waited for Gigi on the sidewalk. She joined him outside and pointed in the direction they were going.

“Where are we going?” Carey asked. 

Gigi and Carey acted as if they were in their own little world so that they didn’t bring attention to themselves. 

“We’re going to Tuesdays.”

“What do they serve at that restaurant?”

“American and Mexican food.”

“Good,” Carey said.

Inside the restaurant, the place looked more like a place to hang with friends then an upscale restaurant he was used to when eating with friends in the States. There people were playing video games, watching television, sitting at the bar, and listening to music. By looking at the surroundings, the restaurant made him see what type of girl Gigi was, but she still had a mysterious side that he needed to tap into. While the host showed them a booth, Gigi took off her sunglasses.

“You know, you’re kinda good-looking in dark light,” Gigi said with a smirk.

Carey is a celebrity and every girl and woman fantasized about him and treated him like a model or a god. However, Gigi treated him like a normal person. She didn’t see him as a star and anything special like that, only as a person. He was confused and didn’t know why she wasn’t taking advantage of him and of his status. He was waiting for her to take a picture of him or get on her cell phone and brag to her friends that she was with Carey Roland, the actor and model. Gigi seemed to be treating Carey as a person, a true friend, not taking advantage of him like everyone else. 

“Can you be serious for once?” Carey asked.

“Whatever. Anyway, so you want to talk like a New Yorker.”

“Yes, I do.”

“The rule is do not pronounce your R’s.”


“Yep. For example, I saw the ca. Or, I will see you lata,” Gigi explained.


“Yes. Right,” Gigi said, making fun of his accent.

“I must not pronounce the R’s at the end of the word.”

“Correcto,” Gigi said.

“I can learn the accent in a few hours,” Carey said confidently.

Gigi looked at the table and smiled. She sucked her teeth and looked at him again. She knew he was dreaming.  This wasn’t Peter Right in front of her. She read in a magazine that it even took him a few days to learn an accent. She lived in New York all her life and some people believed she didn’t talk like a real New Yorker, like the ones they saw on television and in the movies.

“What do you think?” Carey asked Gigi.

“The truth is that I don’t think you can learn a New York accent in a few hours. It takes time.”

“I reckon I can,” Carey said.

“If you believe so,” Gigi replied disbelievingly.

Carey and Gigi sat at their table on the side of the wall. They were acting like normal people who were hanging out. No one was around them, taking pictures, asking for autographs, or slipping Carey their portfolio.  

“Hello. I’ll be your waitress tonight. My name is Lynn.”

“Hello, Lynn,” Carey said to the waitress.

The waitress had long brown straight hair, brown eyes, and an olive skin tone. She looked young, like around eighteen. Gigi studied her closely and saw that she was well kempt – a person who didn’t need to have a job. 

In her sweet childlike voice she asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Mountain Dew, please,” said Gigi.

“Coffee, please,” Carey said.

Lynn wrote down the orders and walked away.

“You did it,” Gigi said excitedly.

“Did what?”

“You said coffee with a New York accent,” Gigi exclaimed.

         “Coffee. I saw a television show about New York and the guy said coffee. Peter said that I must listen to how people speak,” Carey explained.

“Correcto. He’s right.”

“See, I am learning,” Carey said smiling.

“Whoopee. You said one word. In the script, you have to feel like a New Yorker. Live the lifestyle. You know, you have to be a New Yorker.”

“I understand. I want to pass the audition first and then I can study my role closely,” Carey said.

Gigi looked at him and said, “Did you follow the same procedures for Young Boys?”

“Why do you ask?”

“If you did, that explains everything,” Gigi said.

“Excuse me?”

“How do you think you did in Young Boys?”

“Excellent. I captured the essence of the character.” 

 Gigi had been waiting to have this conversation with Carey for a long time. She saw Young Boys with her friend Cinda. They both thought the movie was done badly, but Carey’s performance was poor beyond anything they could think of. Before Young Boys, Carey had been in different movies, which he performed to perfection. In Young Boys, Carey’s family and the person who he had conflicts with spoke with an American accent, while he spoke with an English accent. The movie was so bad that Gigi and Cinda demanded their three dollars back from the cheap theater. 

“Yes. It was a perfect role for me,” Carey continued, reminiscing.

         “How did you get the role?” Gigi asked.

“I auditioned. Why all the questions?”

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Gigi asked.

Carey looked flustered with Gigi’s questions and comments about the movie he made with the top actors and actresses in the world. Plus, he showed the media that he could be sexy, love women, and act outside the realm of Files. He needed that role to prove to the world and himself that he was not a one hit wonder.

“Right. The truth,” Carey said with his right eyebrow raised.

“Hello, here are your drinks,” Lynn said cheerily.

Lynn passed out the drinks and then asked Gigi, “What would you like to eat?”

Gigi gave the menu back to Lynn. “Steak fajitas.”

“And you, sir?” Lynn asked Carey.

“The same,” Carey replied, giving her back the menu.

Lynn wrote the order on her pad, put the menu under her right arm, and walked away.

“You like steak fajitas?” Gigi asked Carey.

“You must not change the subject,” Carey said.

“Well, first of all,” Gigi started, after she drank some of her soda, “you’re good-looking with and without clothes on, but did you realize your family didn’t speak with an English accent? Not only were you the only person in the whole movie that spoke with an English accent, everyone else spoke with an American accent. Plus, the role you picked for yourself was the wrong choice,” Gigi continued.


“Yes, I finally said it. I can’t wait to tell Cinda,” Gigi said more to herself than Carey.


Carey fought to get the role in Young Boys. He even did something to get the role that he didn’t want to do again. He got bad reviews, but all the women loved his naked body. Now he was sitting across from a person who was telling him the bad reviews to his face. He didn’t know what to say or what to think after that. He felt bad, but the public spoke.

“I’m sorry. My friend and I asked for our money back from that movie,” Gigi confessed.

“No, I am sorry,” he said, looking down.

“Just pick better roles, please. I enjoy you in roles you can play, not roles you can’t play. Not everyone can play every single character they see in a script. Look at Peter. He can play characters with different accents who are strangers to the outside world, but I know he couldn’t play Batman in a movie.” 

“Do your friends criticize your acting?” Carey asked.

“Yes, all the time. They criticize me about anything I do. When I become a big star, they will always be my friends. I love them.”

“How many friends do you have?” Carey inquired.


“I must say, you have a normal life,” Carey said.

“Yep. I hope to keep it that way.”

“I have to use the bathroom,” Carey said suddenly.

“You’re a grown man, you don’t have to make an announcement,” Gigi said.

“I hope you do become big one of these days. The media will love your pleasant attitude,” Carey said sarcastically.

“I know they will.”

         Carey walked to the bathroom with his head down. He sat on the toilet with the seat down; his favorite seat to think things out. 

Young Boys was a film about a family living through the Great Depression. Carey was one of the sons of a coalminer who lost his job. In the movie, Carey had sex (fake act) with his girlfriend, the beautiful Jamie Rowels, so he could forget about the depression. Carey’s goal in acting in the film was to show the American audience he could play in an American role about American lives. He also wanted to show the audience he had a good-looking body without clothes on. While he told the media about his hard work on the set, the critics and reviews had said he was lousy, lazy, and hard to watch, and an English person acting in an American epic turned them off. The reviews did hurt Carey’s feelings because in order to get into the film, he had to do something he wanted to forget. He knew his accent wasn’t right for the part, but the director told him not to worry, his acting and good-looking body would make up for the accent.   

Carey started to cry and the tears burned his hands and cheeks like pure acid. After a moment, he wiped his face with his hands, said a little prayer, and crossed himself. He walked out of the stall and looked in the mirror. He saw a good-looking celebrity looking back at him. “I am better now,” Carey said to himself and left the bathroom.

At the bathroom door he looked at Gigi and thought, For a beginner in the business, she is rude. You would think that she would want to build up contacts, instead of burning bridges.

“So, how did you like the script?” Carey asked Gigi when he sat down at the table.

“I loved it!” Gigi said.


“The message behind it.”

“You mean the love storyline?” Carey asked.

“No, the message about life and how you should live,” Gigi explained.

“Excuse me? I don’t understand.” He read the script, but he didn’t get the same underlying message Gigi got. He thought the movie was about love between a successful white man and a beautiful black woman who possessed crystal blue eyes.

Gigi looked at Carey and put her fork down.         “Did you read the script?”

“Yes,” Carey said.

“Did you read the book?”

“There is a book?” Carey asked.

“Yes. But even if you didn’t read the book, you should have gotten the message. Live your own life to the fullest every day because you may not be able to get a second chance in life.”

“In the script, it’s about a man who is a playboy and then falls in love with a woman. When the woman leaves him, he is depressed. The script made me understand what true love is and how it makes you feel,” Carey explained.

“That’s true, but maybe you should have read the book. It was on the best sellers list last year and this year.”

While Gigi and Carey finished eating, they talked about the script, which turned into a conversation about the movie industry. He didn’t tell her about all the horror stories about the industry because he was afraid that he might tell on himself. He knew he had suffered a lot to get where he is today; it still gives him nightmares. He had asked himself several times why he needed to be in the media spotlight. He knew he could act on television shows or in plays in the UK, but he had a drive to be known in America and all over the world for that matter. 

“So, is it worth being known as an A-list actor?”  Gigi asked.

More to come on Monday!!


About Aliya Leigh:

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

The Aces 

On the expensive strip of sidewalk that people believed was painted with gold, there was the Beverly Hills sign that stood with pride, the Academy Awards building in a golden shell, car shops, fashion shops, a mall where the stars go shopping rather than window shopping, and a normal restaurant with a bar in the center of the sidewalk. For the rest of the people who weren’t stars of the media, this restaurant served as a rescue beacon of normality of the rich sidewalk.

In the restaurant, Peter was sitting at a table looking at the people walking outside with their shopping bags. He had on his favorite beat-up leather hat, and grew a light mustache and light beard to cover his identity. With his white T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and vintage sneakers, he looked like a twenty-one-year-old man, but his muscles and cracking bones told him a different story.

“Do you want anything, sir?” a waitress asked.

“Nothing now. I’m waiting for a friend.”

“Okay,” the waitress said and walked away to serve the other patrons.

Peter was fascinated with people. In France, he sat in the park and studied how people walked, talked, listened, looked, and smelled. He tried to imitate them. This study of people improved his skills to act like the characters in his films. He was the best in the business when it came to accents. Peter Right was born and raised in a rural part of Kentucky with his three brothers, one sister, and both parents who were trained farmers from childhood. He was a country boy with a thick southern accent. His brothers followed the family code and became farmers, but for Peter and his sister, they knew they were meant for better things in life. His sister left Kentucky for New York to go to college. Peter and some friends started a rock band that became successful, but only locally. One day, he volunteered to act in a play and he co-starred with Rory Darter, whose family produced the biggest directors in the business. In Rory’s family, when you were born, instead of getting a rattle, you got a camera and a crew. Rory made a bet with Peter to audition for a movie and the rest became history.

“Hello, my friend,” Carey said to him with a smile. Peter looked around and saw Carey. Carey’s face looked like the sun in its glory. He looked rested and ready to face the torrent of waves of the media world. Peter gave his true friend a manly hug. Before working on The Ship, Peter felt alone in the media world because he couldn’t trust anyone. The friends he associated with before he got married used and drugged him. At first, when Peter met Carey, they didn’t get along. Peter was a veteran actor and had presence on the set, as Carey was new to acting and only got popular because of his role in Files. One night, they had a serious talk about life and at that moment the two became best friends. The age difference between them wasn’t a problem. Carey made Peter feel young and Peter helped Carey with the media and his acting. They were like Cheech and Chong.

“How are you doing?” Peter asked.

“Fine, but I wish I could go home on holiday.”

Peter and Carey walked over to the bar as best friends who both needed comfort and understanding of the world around them. They were blessed to have one another in the media. Carey could talk about his problems with Peter and Peter could do the same without thinking the information was going to be leaked out into the newspapers or entertainment news.

“I got a script from a producer two weeks ago. I love the script, but I need a New York accent,” Carey explained.

“Carey, just watch some movies about New York. Try to copy their accent, how they move, and most importantly the way they talk with their hands,” Peter said. “See, like this. What are you talkin’ about?”

“That’s right on,” Carey said.

“See, just study real people and imitate them,” Peter said. Peter looked at Carey. “You don’t need this part. You can star in another movie.”

“Peter, I have to prove myself to the world. I’ll leave it at that,” Carey said.


Peter placed his elbows on the table and Carey noticed something on his arm. “Peter, you have a cut on your arm.”

“Oh that. It’s nothing. I was playing with the twins and I cut my arm on one of their toys,” Peter explained.

Carey looked satisfied with the answer Peter gave him. When Peter got yanked into the business again, he practiced that line every day, so it could be said causally. Up to this point, everyone had been satisfied with that answer and never questioned it.

“How are the children?” Carey inquired.

“They’re fine.”

“And Paulette?”

“Okay. She doesn’t like me visiting America. But Carey, I miss it here. I love everything about America, except maybe for the drama.”

A black girl walked over to the two actors. She gave them a friendly smile. She was wearing tan shorts with a worn out belt that needed to retire, a brown tank top with spaghetti straps, and a gold watch on her wrist. Her black hair was in a bun with the help of an elastic band.

“What’s your poison?” the black girl asked.

“Excuse me, what do you mean?” Carey asked the girl.

The girl looked at him and rolled her eyes. She stared at him as if he annoyed her. She was trying her best to be on good behavior at the restaurant. Usually, when she mentioned the line, “What’s your poison?” the patron knew what she was talking about.

She had other places to be and other things to do, but she promised the manager that she would cover for an employee’s shift. In her mind she thought, Why today? Why now?  

“Okay. What would you like to drink?” the black girl asked in a slow and understandable tone.

“I see. Mm, I will try a coffee. I am going Yank today,” Carey said happily.

“Oh, what joy,” the girl said and rolled her eyes.

The waitress looked at Peter and smiled at him with a little bit of excitement. She knew who Peter Right was and was his biggest fan before he disappeared from the scene. She believed in her mind that it was an honor to serve him any drink or dish. She was afraid if he touched her, she might pass out.

“And you?”

“Water,” Peter said.

“One coffee and one water,” the waitress told the man standing at the bar. He looked at her, nodded with understanding, and continued to work. The waitress looked at Carey with a sigh. “Would you like cream with your Yank coffee?” she asked while imitating his English accent just to insult him.

“Yes, please,” said Carey.

“Cream,” she said to the man and he nodded while he worked.

Carey listened to the girl talk. He was aware she was making fun of him, but her accent overshadowed the insult.  Actually, he was used to it. On one movie set, an Irish actor who was known to insult any person he talked to would sometimes talk to Carey in a brutally choppy English accent. Carey was upset at first, but then he got used to it. The Irish actor made him a strong person in the spotlight and he was thankful for it.

“Where do you come from?” Carey asked.


“Because of your accent.”

“Oh. New York.”


She rolled her eyes up and then looked at Carey. She wasn’t planning to give a person a geography lesson. She was here to do a job, not teach school. “New York is located on the eastern side of the United States of America. You should know where New York is located. The English bought it from the Dutch. I come from Queens,” she said impatiently.

Carey rolled his eyes and looked at her.

“I tried to be patient with you, but you are rude. Do you know who we are?” Carey couldn’t take her attitude any longer.

He couldn’t believe a person who made their living off of tips would treat customers in this manner. He was hoping she could see them as celebrities, so she could have a better knowledge on how she should act. Maybe if she knew we are celebrities, she will treat us nicer.

The black girl laughed in front of him. The two actors looked at each other, thinking this girl was nuts. They looked at her and studied the image in front of them. Usually, when they went to a restaurant or a bar, they were treated like kings, but this was the first time they were laughed at by a non-celebrity.

“Yes, I am rude and yes, I do know who you two are and no, I don’t care.” The black girl walked over to get the glass of water and the cup of coffee from the prep table behind the bar. She brought the items to the two men with a devilish smile. She grabbed a saucer for Carey’s coffee cup and a handful of creamers. “Here is your coffee and here is your water.”

Peter studied the girl and could see Satan himself in front of him. This was the first time a person ever treated him this way. He had a feeling she was up to something or really didn’t care about the customers she was serving. He couldn’t believe a person could be this antisocial as a server on this expensive restaurant. During the conversation with the girl and Carey, Peter was watching her body movements. Peter could tell she was a New Yorker, but there was something else about her that she was not trying to show. Peter looked at her watch and saw the name on the face. He knew that it was worth a few hundred dollars. “Why are you here if you’re rude to the customers?” Peter wanted to know.

The waitress looked at Peter, and for the first time during the conversation, she was speechless. She gathered her thoughts and found her smart tongue. Peter caught her off-guard and now she had to say something that was believable. “Well, hmm, I want to be an actress. Yeah, an actress. I do bartending full-time and I go to school in Arizona.”

“Why are you here?” Peter asked. He was questioning her to see if she would reveal her true motives toward the two actors.

“Visiting,” she replied.

“Would you like to make some extra money?” Carey asked nonchalantly.

“What are you asking me?” she said, as she tilted her head to the side and her almond-shaped eyes became little slits under her eyebrows.

Carey realized he just put his foot in his mouth and wished he could take the question back. “Well, see, I must know how to talk like a New Yorker. Can you teach me? I shall pay you.”

“No, you will not pay me to teach you how to speak with a New York accent, but you can take me out to dinner.  Do you treat your girlfriend like this? Do you like women?”

“I must talk with a New York accent,” Carey repeated.

“I’ll think about it,” she said.

The girl looked at Peter sipping his glass of water. “By the way, how is France?

“Why do you want to know all this?” Peter asked. He didn’t know if she was going to be rude to him in the same way she was rude to Carey. He wanted to prepare himself for her venom tongue.

“I’m just wondering. I’m not going to put your business on the Net. I’m a longtime fan of yours and I’m happy you’re back. Some of the movies you made sucked, but I’m happy to see you again. When I was younger, I had a crush on you.”

Peter smiled at her and saw a halo over her devious head. In his mind, he knew that she was sincere about her comments. For the first time since he came back into the business, she was the only one who made a comment like that to him.

“Thanks, it’s nice to be here,” Peter said.

“But keep it up. You’re a good actor and you look so young for your age. I’m so happy you settled down with a wife and kids. Listen, I’m not a weird fan or planning to stalk you. I just read an article about you in a magazine.”

“No, I understand. Thank you for the comments,” Peter said.

Peter didn’t understand this girl in front of him. She wasn’t acting like a normal fan or budding actress. She wasn’t treating them like celebrities, slipping her portfolio to them or trying to get any contacts. He had a weird feeling about her as if she were playing a role that she didn’t want to be part of, but needed to stay in character.

Carey was staring at the table with a depressed look.  She walked in front of Carey and put her hand under his chin and lifted up his face. She gave him a warm smile to show that she did possess some type of affection.

“For you, I will ask my boss about my work schedule. Okay?”

Carey smiled at her and she walked away from the area.

Peter looked at Carey. “Are you sure about her?”

“There is something about her. I do not know what it is, but it is something she is not telling us. But I need to learn her accent for this movie,” Carey argued.

“Okay, I cleared it with my boss. I’m free tonight.  Are you finished with your coffee? I have to go to my hotel room and change my clothes. It won’t take long. Peter, do you want to join us?” The girl walked back to the bar area causally.

“No. You have fun. I prefer to rest after my flight,” Peter replied. Taking his wallet out of his pocket he said to Carey, “I have this.”


Peter put the money on the table and the girl took it. She placed the money in the cash register and put the tip in her pocket. She walked over to the two men who had been staring at her when she was at the cash register. She didn’t know what they were thinking and didn’t much care. She was happy to be receiving a tip from the actors and getting a free dinner.

“What’s your name?” Peter asked the girl. He and Carey had been talking to this girl and didn’t even know her name. He realized she never volunteered her name to them either. With this thought planted in his mind, he knew she definitely had something to hide.

“Gigi,” she said.

“And your last name?” Peter asked.

Gigi looked at Carey and then at Peter. “Well,” Gigi cleared her throat. “Carey, are you finished?”

More to come on Wednesday! Are you enjoying the story?

About Aliya Leigh:

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

The AcesIn his hotel room, he took a long hot shower to melt away the memories and thought about what to tell Peter. He stepped out of the tub because he knew what he had to do next. If it were up to him, he would have stayed in the shower forever. In his mind, his sins would take forever to melt away. He dialed the number with a weak hand, but the plan needed to go into effect.

“Hello, Peter?”

“Hello, Carey. How are you?” Peter asked.

“I’m fine. How are you?”

“In good health, Carey. What’s wrong? You don’t sound like your merry self. In addition, you’re calling me at this hour. Keep in mind, you’re in America, and I’m in France,” Peter laughed.

“I’m sorry. I wanted you to be the first to know that Sandra and I are breaking up.”

“I’m so sorry to hear it. You and Sandra were the perfect couple. I thought you two would get married in a year or so. I can still remember you two mentioning having children and living in Wales. What happened?” Peter asked.

“Her heart belongs to her childhood sweetheart named Raphael. I believe Raphael is the best thing for her and I’m happy for her. We’re planning to break the news to the media a month after the awards show.”

“If you need to talk, you know you can call me anytime,” Peter said seriously.

“I’ll remember that.”

“You better, good night,” Peter said.


Carey put the phone down; damage control was in effect.

Carey wished he could go into a deep depression and sleep in his bed all day. He knew he was going to get a call and he didn’t want it. He felt like he had to talk to a tax collector. “Hello,” he said when he picked up the ringing phone.

“What the bloody hell…” a girl’s voice carried through the phone.

“I’m sorry. After the last incident, I can’t trust you. I told Peter about the break-up,” Carey said to Sandra while sitting up in his bed.

“Good. I’ll sign the bloody papers. I’m sorry about the whole thing. How long are you going to be in the States?” Sandra asked.

“I don’t know. I have to promote the movie and I received another script from the studio. It’s about a man living in New York and he meets the girl of his dreams. Do you want me to meet you at your house before the awards show? Remember, you owe me this,” Carey said.

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About Aliya Leigh:

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.

The AcesArthur leaned over to Carey and gave him a thick yellow envelope and said, “These are the pictures; I believe I have all of them.”

Carey put the envelope on the ground. He stepped on it to make sure no one would take it. “Raphael knew about the deal. Was he drunk?”

“Yes. They were tanked, as you young people would say.”

“I am going to burn the pictures. But are you sure these are all of them?”

“As I said, I believe so,” Arthur said.

Carey sat back in his chair. He smoothed out his mustache with his right hand and squeezed his upper lip, one of his habits. He stared into open space. His mind was exhausted. He needed a break.

“If some pictures did surface, I can act upset because she cheated on me.” Carey paused, stared at Arthur, and continued.

“That is a good plan. The media will feel sorry for me and talk bad about Sandra. This will damage her career, since she tried to damage mine. While the media is feeling sorry for me, I can find a back-up girl.”

Arthur sat back in his chair and sipped his glass of water like a proper rich man. “That’s a good plan. Let me make a suggestion about the girl. She should be black.”

“Why?” Carey was puzzled by his suggestion.

“So you can be closer to the black community. Think about the possibilities. Whites, blacks, and Hispanics will see you as an open-minded person,” Arthur said.

“A good plan. I must find a good-looking black girl.  Now we have damage control,” Carey said happily.

The robotic waiter walked up to Carey and brought him his tea. “Is that all, sir?” the waiter asked.

“Yes, thank you,” Carey told the waiter. Carey watched him walk away from his table. He was sad in a way that the waiter didn’t make a fuss over him like everyone else.

Arthur leaned toward Carey.

“Damage control plan is in effect. Are you ready to promote Kite?” Arthur asked.

“Yes, of course. Are people downloading illegal copies of the movie yet?”

“I have to check. But if there’s not a copy out on the Net, do you want me to put the unedited version out there?”

“Yes, you know I fancy this pirate stuff, although my ex-co-star does not like it. When we get over six hundred hits then I can make a public announcement about how bad downloading is to the movie industry. Sound like a good idea?” Carey asked.

Carey’s cell phone rang in his jeans pocket. He unfolded the phone.

“Hello?” Carey said.

“Hello, Carey,” a pleasant voice replied.

Carey looked at Arthur seriously. He was gesturing to Carey, waving both hands in the air. Arthur knew who was on the phone without Carey mentioning the name.

“Don’t talk, Sandra. I hate you. If you bloody ruin this for me, I will take you down,” Carey said.

“What did I do? What happened?” Sandra asked him.

“What did you do? What happened? You know what happened. You got drunk with your boyfriend in New York. Don’t you care about me?” Carey asked.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get drunk. Raphael and I…” Sandra said thoughtfully.

“You’re sorry? Please. I’m sorry I didn’t bring my violin. Are you going to the Teen Awards with me or him?” Carey asked.

“Well, he wants to come,” Sandra pleaded to Carey.

“I don’t care if he wants to come. Remember our deal.”

Arthur made the same jester again. He didn’t want Carey to make him get noticed while he was on the phone with Sandra. If anyone found out the act between Sandra and Carey, the entertainment news and the papers would have a field day.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen, Carey. Please believe me. I told Raphael, yes. Yes, I shall marry him. We were celebrating. I love him,” Sandra said, near tears.

“Love? You love him? How about me? Love is just a word, not a meaning in our business. How am I going to explain this to the media?”

“Tell them the truth,” Sandra said flatly.

“Did you think about me when you told him yes? My mum is going to get you for this,” Carey said accusingly.

“Carey, you don’t want to play this game with me. I told you I’m sorry, but I had to tell you. And besides, your mummy is not going to do anything to me,” Sandra laughed.

Carey’s face began to soften, as he laid his fist on the table. He knew if he pushed her buttons, she would tell his mother the biggest secret he had and it would ruin his life. With the statement Sandra told him, he remembered vividly not to push Sandra’s buttons.

“No, you wouldn’t,” Carey said disbelievingly.

“Yes, I shall. I can play this game too,” Sandra said.

Carey changed from a man to a little boy in a second. “No, please. I’m sorry.”

“You sure you’re not going to ruin my career because if you do…” Sandra hung on the last word.

“I will tell the media you fell in love with Raphael a long time ago. Raphael went away, but when he came back into your life, you needed to be with him. Things between us did not work out and I am happy you are getting married to Raphael. Do we have an agreement?” Carey asked.

“I believe we do,” Sandra said.

Carey knew Arthur was listening to the conversation and he wanted to know if Arthur agreed with the new damage control plan.

“On second thought, let us announce the story after the Teen Awards show. At the awards show, we will act more like friends than lovers. The media will come to their own conclusions. A month after the award show, you can announce your engagement. How does that sound?” Carey asked.

“I’ll go along with it since I’m the one to blame. I shall tell Raphael about the plan. When I tell him that you found out about the club scene, I know he’ll feel sorry about the whole ordeal. He’ll go along with the plan. By the way, how did you find out about Raphael and me?” Sandra asked.

“Arthur found out. He has the pictures.”

“Carey, I’m so sorry. We try to be ghosts because I know you have helped me in my career and our game has helped the both of us, but I love Raphael.”

“Good, now you won’t tell Mum, right?”

“Right,” Sandra said.

“Good. Cheers.”

“So Arthur, you heard the new plan, right?” Carey asked, putting the phone down.

“Yes,” Arthur said.

“I need you to go to my lawyer and write out a contract for Sandra,” Carey continued.

“Why now?”

“I cannot afford her to make my secret known. If she leaks it out, I can lose everything.”

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About Aliya Leigh:

Aliya LeighSince being the host of her drama gossip news driven popular podcast, she have been keeping her life busy with producing  and directing anime webshows, acting, writing books, designing skateboards and running a social media company while holding down the fort at home with her professional poker playing partner.  Her current show is entitled, “Mercy Me – Deadly Professional”; which is an animated web series about a drug and sex addicted medical doctor who practices euthanasia for a fee.